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My maiden post.

Ok, so I am a latecomer to this blog thing BUT better late than never.

This is going to be the place I am going to bitch about everything and nothing at the same time. I'm going to sing about the things i like and verbally barf at the things I don't.

But let's not get this maiden posting space to waste. I am going to start by bitching about.... blogging. U know what, they said it was going to be easy, no frills and painless. Well, guess what, I think my blogging start is a pain the the f***ing ass. I can seem to get my sidebar updated. Blogger is way too simple, i click on the tabs and nothing happens, or at least nothing more complex than "pleas type your post here and press PUBLISH!".

I decided to take on blogosphere after reading countless articles in In.Tech section - (TheStar newspaper) today (25/5/04). It raves about how easy it is to blog. Yawn. Let me take some time and learn more first. Hmph but definitely not as easy as the media claims.

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