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Thursday, January 25, 2007



- An evening shot of the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island in Hong Kong.

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BKK in Dec

My trip to Bangkok a week before Christmas was a fantastic one. I went for a lot of massages (the clean ones) and had a blast trying out new places to eat. But one of the highlights of the trip was Siam Paragon. It's a huge mall with many things to see, buy and eat. Don't expect to bargain here or even find a really cheap souvenir. It's not patpong or chatuchak.

It's more of a mid-to-lower upper price mall with a departmental store that sells anything from Speedo to Lacoste, Ed Hardy to Etnies. The departmental store is imaginatively named Paragon Dept Store (the marketing people must be really creative). Outside the store, you'll find interesting upscale boutiques and a gourmet market. It also houses Asia's largest seating and cinema screen in Asia.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a snob! I did buy a lot of goodies from Chatuchak and all. Street shopping in Bangkok is fun, but just how many cheap t-shirts and sandals does one need? Of course I need to walk the malls, if not for the air cond... it's also for the paperbags, DUH! Besides, you can find some exquisite Thai souvenirs and quality products here...

Siam Paragon was interesting for me, I came back twice during the 4-day trip... It's huge and a must-visit for tourists. More so than Gaysorn Shopping Center or Emporium.

Did I mention that Siam Ocean World, the biggest aquarium in Southeast Asia is also within the same building?

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Go Go-Karting

This Saturday I will be heading down to JB for a little go-kart action! Hope it doesn't rain. Actually what I'd hope for more is that the go-kart place hasn't been destroyed by floods in Johor lately!

My challenger, the last time we played was none other than the king of trash talk, Stanley Ng! And this time, I am bringing my brother along to race. Not that my bro would be giving me assistance in tactics in the race, it's just more fun racing against people you know, than hooligans you don't.

Oh, by the way, did i tell you who won the last time?... None other than yours truly, of course. It was a horrendously wet race, with no visor on the helmet and soggy pants up my butt. On that day, it poured heavily for half a day. In the end, it was a race full of incidents - spins, spins and more off track excursions. Well Stanley was doing the Kylie Minogue, spinning around. I was playing a calculated race, not taking unnecessary risks and well, won the race by some margin! Yippie!...

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Last Xmas, I Gave You...

Dear friends and readers,

Christmas has come and gone... The wrappers are well in the trash... The New Year's champage bottle is well on its was to the recycling plant.... It's time to ask... no not your resolution, but how was your Christmas loot?!

I got myself a super fabulous present from Georg Jensen!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Signs your money changer just wants to see you TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!

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Spent NEW YEAR'S EVE countdown at the street in front of Slippery Senorita in Penang. The atmosphere was hectic, ah bengs turned up by the truckloads and turned up the volume with their confetti and foam sprays... This lane features a few clubs and pubs that's one of the most popular haunts for those in search of good music and cool drinks. In Penang, good music is always questionable though...

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