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Sunday, February 25, 2007

30 ROCK... err ROCKS!

Yea, what did I tell you about 30 Rock back in November 2006? It's a hilarious, brilliant and absolutely a well-written gem. Crazy cast too! And it's coming to Starworld. With Alec Baldwin winning the recent Golden Globe and SAG (screen actos guild) award for the show, it seems destined to arrive on our shores sooner or later. I'm glad it's sooner. I love watching 30 Rock.

But just like Matthew Perry's new drama show, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, both critically acclaimed shows are not getting the stellar ratings and thus the favorite child status, as opposed to the network's other 'hit' - Heroes. So they're putting 30 Rock on a break until near Spring.

I was quite into the drama, Heroes until well... the story seems to take more turns than a drunk astronaut. I wish every episode of Heroes would end like X-Files. A story is told and concluded... but leaving ends for more elaborate long term storytelling. However, Heroes seems to suffer the same problem as "Pirates of the Caribbean 2". It was basically a brilliant story put on spin cycle. Yes, as many others are just tuning in to the 'exciting' new drama on TV, Heroes may suffer the same fate as Desperate Housewives... where the storyline, plots and characters feel tired.

We're barely through to episode 17 of Season One of Heroes, and it's beginning to show signs of writer's block. (Spoilers ahead), with Claire finding her biological mother and finding out that the father is actually Peter Petrelli. Hello? TVB drama anyone? How about throwing in one of those guy and girl across the street.... looking desperately for their love and missing each other by a split second by a moving bus? What next? Finding out that Sylar is your next door neighbor's cousin? They obviously had to put an internal spin on things, since adding new characters into the show would mean more cost! Not to mention having to make them hang around the already very character-packed story!

The consolation... hh well, at least 30 Rock will be back from a hiatus in the US ABC network on April 19 (my birthday!). And soon, we'll have more episodes of the brilliant comedy. Besides, I have many many episodes of unwatched Ugly Betty to keep me occupied (when I am not looking into the recruitment ads, sending out resumes or writing articles, of course).

The TV is my new best friend...

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Avril Talks Trash!

Avril Lavigne's latest music video for the single "Girlfriend", from her upcoming third album titled 'Best Damn Thing Ever'.

My questions:
Avril, is that you? Did you burn your pants, Miss Self-Declared Tomboy?

Was there a freak accident at the salon and you got blonde down to the roots?

Did you knock yourself with a Dumb Stick?

Did you just learn how to rhyme from your rocker boyfriend?

Is the air in LA a bit more polluted than Canada, thus choking the blood to your brains?

Did you run out of smokey eyes make-up?

What would happen if Ashlee Simpson and Gwen Stefani had a baby together?

How did you come up with the lyrics like... "Hey hey,you you... I don't like your girlfriend. I think you need a new one. I could be your girlfriend... She's like so whatever, you can do so much better" ?!

Are you high on something?

Do you need to check into rehab?

Have you been hanging out with Lindsay Lohan?

... oh my god, is that me listening to the song over and over again?

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goodbye Anna.

Yes, it's hardly news anymore. Anna *&%$# Nicole Smith is gone. It was extremely shocking. As much as critics loved to hate her... I hate to say, I really love her .

She's such an amazing story, more so than any American Idol. From a Texan topless dancer, to marrying young at 16, and having a baby before she turned 20. She skyrocketed to stardom as a Playboy centerfold and got the honorary status of "Playmate of The Year" in 1992.

But probably her greatest achievement was landing a modeling contract with Guess? jeans... and well, marrying 89-year old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. She was 26. The next year he died and she's been in and out of court for the litigation between her and members of the husband's family over his large estate. Bad things started to happen to bossoming Anna, rehab, depression, problems with her implants and then more bad news surfaced last year as her son died of drug overdose in Sept 2006.

Poor Anna. It was a guilty pleasure to hear news about her. When it comes to her, every news is bad news. Like her topless activities at the MTV awards and her infamous slurring... So she will be greatly missed. I always thought she'd grow old, into this plastic surgery mess... continuing to make headlines and well, keeping the peroxide business thriving till 2036...

Her cause of death is unknown. No drugs were found in her stomach... No obvious signs of foul play. No alcohol... nothing. You know what I think? I think her boyfriend, Howard K Stern, conspired to kill her. Think about it, the police found an overwhelming amount of prescriptive drugs in Howard's name. Her boyfriend also supplied Daniel Smith (Anna's son) with methadone, the very thing that killed him. He had enough to kill himself and more! Reports had it that he flushed the extra methadone into the toilet following the incident (you mean there's more? what did he want to do, kill an elephant?).

With all the paternal tussle for Daniellyn Hope, Anna's baby, it made sense to me that Howard K Stern wanted to end all of this by taking Anna's life, so nobody knows who actually is the father? And therefore has the right to father the millions in inheritance?

Jackie Hatten, Anna's friend of 16 years said Howard was the controller of Anna's life and his life, money and new found status was all achieved on Anna's back, on CNN's Larry King Live. She even mentioned that he constantly had her so drugged up with a long list of drugs and prescriptions, that she's constantly in immobilized in bed. Rosie O Donnel also spoke up about how Anna's tumultous recent stories has been milked, especially after the death of her son in Sept, with great push by Howard. It seems if he wasn't the person feeding Anna with drugs or whatever killed her, he DROVE her there.

The world is saddened that her great (mis)adventure has come to a premature end... just like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. Goodbye Anna. You will be sorely missed. If indeed there was a foul play, I hope justice will be served to whoever robbed us of such irreverent and big busted blonde goddess. No she's not smart, she never finished high school, her literature knowledge probably spanned to books that didn't use any aphabets past 'm' nor was she a genius in the kitchen like Martha Stewart, No No No... she was just a southern girl with a great story to tell.

Here's a tribute to one of your best pictures... and you may not hear this very often but you are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

Click here
for more news on Anna Nicole Smith's passing.

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