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Friday, January 21, 2005

The man on the far right is Mr Fantastic. He's the super cool elastic man. Think ElascticGirl of The Incredibles with a penis and a little more grey hair. But equally as cool. You'll love the movie i am sure, if the trailer is anything to go by. Check or for some updates. Probably the biggest comic book-movie of 2005 and could easily be the most entertaining trailer too. Watch out for July 4th, independence day... and the week the movie opens

The Thing. Played by Michael Chiklis (from The Shield) as Ben Grimm/The Thing. I think he looks pretty bad in real life but thanks to the directors, they gave him a little cosmetic upgrade to look better as almighty Thing! The girl below may look familiar as she is from the series Dark Angel, Jessica Alba. Remember her from the movie "Honey"? You don't? Well, of course not, silly. The movie sucked. I know, cause i watched it twice (on the plane, you think i'd pay to watch that CRAP?) But having seen the trailer, she's not bad in the movie. She can act but she looks a little odd as a blonde. Better brunette i say

This is Invisible Woman aka Sue Storm. The guy below is the Human Torch. The man of fast cars, pretty girls and extreme sports who is affected by the cosmic rays, the same rays that changed the fabulous four into FANTASTIC FOUR

To those not in the know... This is hot off the silver screen (well, sort of). The fantastic four movie trailer is out. It's so new, I am probably the first person to tell you

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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Friday, January 14, 2005

LV mania

LV mania

More of the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 05 show at ThirdFloor, Marriot
Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Louis Vuitton new collection

Louis Vuitton new collection

So, who on earth could pull off a fashion show at 11 in the morning?
I'll tell you. Louis Vuitton can. Earlier today, I attended the
fashion show and private event showcasing the new Louis Vuitton ready
to wear and accessories

Among the highlights were the monogram denim. Which, like the name
suggests is monogram prints on denim. It comes in many shapes and
models including a tiny tote thats borderline ugly and impractical.
There's also the return of the monogram mini on canvas

Oh, there was also Ling Tan, making a special appearance on the
catwalk. I've got to say, she looks prettier in print and TV. Her lips
were thinner than the last time she appeared on Emporio Armani ad
campaign... she was pale, her hair was without volume, her chest
(well, let's just say there's nothing to thump or bump) and it made
her look like a paper doll run over by a bulldozer. Maybe supermodels
are not immune to the early morning blues too


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