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TV Shows That Should Get The Boot

A poll on shows what viewers would like to see cancelled from their TV Guide. Of course we all can guess what's on top of the list - LOST. There's no reason to doubt that the show's lost it after the first season. How big is the island anyway? I know of a lot of people who would like to see the show get the axe, or the bomb, or the radioactive waste... or the plague.. or....

Coming in close are two good shows, or formerly good shows, The Simpsons and ER. Age has caught up with these shows and their original target audience have moved on and grown up (but the shows haven't). I personally find The Family Guy, American Dad and the totally hilarious Drawn Together, speaks better to this generation and project more societal and cultural relevance than The Simpsons. Plus, we all know that 'ER' is no longer a match for McDreamy and McSteamy.

But surprisingly, coming in fourth on the most unwanted TV show list is... Desperate Housewives! It seems viewers have had enough of its forlorn and crazy plots that seem to go nowhere. Does everyone fuck everyone on this street? I'm sorry, Edie and Carlos? Many (including me) desperately wants the show to end its own misery like Mary Alice did... clean, fast and painless.

Note: Poll correct as of 1:24pm, April 18 2007. Oh, by the way, tomorrow is my birthday!

For more information on the poll check out They even have their own round-up of Top 5 TV shows that should be canceled.

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2-they'll definitely drag DH for another few seasons at the very least. the number of 'filler' episodes are increasing, a sign when they plan to squeeze more cash from the cow. i'm sure they'll reveal more 'skeletons' and twists before they finally call it a day. and yea...bree & carlos?!? what next? mrs mccluskey and andrew? oh wait, he's gay and she's a husband-in-freezer psychopath! but if bree & carlos can do it, why not?

3-the good thing about lost is they'll probably end the series abruptly midway of next season. THANK GOD!

4-who would wanna vote for 24 to end?!? oh wait, this season did suck but let's be frank...anything would pale in comparison with season 5!!!

haha... THANKS!

I just squeezed in that birthday thing at the end. hehe. Thank you, thank you.

I totally agree ya. This season of 24 does suck.

As for the show everyone hates,I think the ABC has ordered one more season of Lost. So I hope they will capsize a cruise ship or crash another plane to add more cast into the thinning show.

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