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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Harbour Bridge -Sydney

Harbour Bridge -Sydney
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Also known as the Old Hanger - the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Taken at sunset


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Lexus IS200

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Walk Interview

Walk Interview
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?So, do they want to see my resume on the run

Scary Mary

Scary Mary
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Me with long hair

Japanese food

Japanese food
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I love my sushi, sashimi, don, iidako, tako, chawan mushi, kajiki, ebikko

maki, uni, hamachi, chuka hotate

Map of Australia

Map of Australia
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A Wet Map of Australia


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RM6 to COME ANYTIME? That's great

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Da Vinci Code STINKS

My take on The Da Vinci Code
I just got back from the cinema a few hours ago. Watched one of the most highly anticipated films of 2006, The Da Vince Code. This movie is two-hours too long. I will try not to go on and on like I did with the movie, 'Hostel'. If I have to comment on the movie, I'd have to say

The movie is dull, uninspired and could bore a librarian to death. It was basically Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, going from one location to another to listen to some Christian bull (fiction). It's a lot of talking, which in Good Night and Good Luck, had a purpose. The Da Vinci Code just expects you to listen to about 70% of the movie like you would a documentary. Completely detached, emotionless and it tries really hard to put as much as Dan Brown did into the novel to the movie. But what may seem like a revelation or an intriguing concept of conspiracy and religion, in the movie it is reduced to a very boring conversation that doesn't seem to climax or die! It's that bad

The most exciting scene in the whole movie was the car chase scene in the first 20 mins of the movie. Where Audrey Tautou escapes the police in a cute Smart ForTwo, in reverse! After that, the fastest the character ever got was a walking pace around locations... and talking, and talking and talking. The fundamental problem doesn't lie in the movie itself. The Dan Brown bestseller isn't quite what you'd call a writing masterpiece anyway, it was flawed. But in the books case, if you're bored or feel overwhelmed, you could close it and take a rest, while at the movies you can't. All that talk about Sion, Sangreal, Templar Knights, Opus Dim, Jesus and Mary Magdalene is just utterly confusing when put into one paragraph

One of the problems is that everything is so damnably obvious. It is no big trick to figure out who in the cast is trustworthy, or who the villains are. So there is no emotional jolt when each fictional truth is revealed

I think after spending USD150 million on this movie, they forgot to use some of it to pay for a good script

There is a point in the movie which they were saved by pigeons in a church. Even John Woo, the king of drama and ridiculousness would have laughed at that scene. Oh my god, this movie shouldn't have been made in the first place. What were they thinking

Overall, I give this movie a 4.5/10
Only because Paris looked great and it's a rather original story premise

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The cycle is complete

The cycle is complete
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The Intel microprocessor is a blessing. Now the whole family shares

the same brain. I am a Mac Evangelist, I know. There's no denying

Apple Macbook Black

Apple Macbook Black
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I want one. But not the first batch. It's always wiser (for me, at

least) to go for the next performance upgrade, just to make sure every

bug is ironed out. Plus, I really want a black one. Better save up

Words can't express how excited I was when I saw the news about the

new Apple Macbook. I've been lingering in and

AppleInsider over the past month just to see if there are any news (or

rumors). I knew the announcement can't be that far away. So here it

is, finally, the iBook replacement - Apple Macbook. A little

disappointed that it isn't a huge departure from it's last cosmetic

outlook. How I wish Steve Jobs had ordered a bigger makeover for the

consumer laptop. But heck, this will do. At least it will run both

Apple MacOS X and Windows XP flawlessly now. Oh, wait. Don't you know?

Apple computers these days are capable of running Windows without a

glitch. I was at Apple Center in Orchard Road and they already have a

few sets of computers running in Windows XP. It's possible thanks to a

new beta software which will eventually find its way to the next Mac

OS codenamed Leopard. It's called BootCamp and everytime you want to

boot it in Windows XP, just press restart and select the flavor. It's

that easy. Anymore reason not to buy a MAC now? Guess not

Apple Macbook (note no pro) replaces the iBook laptops

Apple Macbook (note no pro) replaces the iBook laptops
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Newsflash: New Apple iBook replacements is OUT

The new MacBooks will replace the iBook consumer notebooks as well as

the 12-inch PowerBook, which was the last PowerBook model to run on

the PowerPC platform.

With the addition of the MacBook consumer line, Apple has moved all of

its Macintoshes to Intel microprocessors, except for its PowerMac G5

high-end professional computers.

The new models come with many of the same features of Apple's

professional line of MacBook Pro notebooks, such as a built-in iSight

video camera, the Front Row media-management software package and a

scrolling trackpad.

"We saw the opportunity to make one seamless product family," said

Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product

marketing. "When you get a MacBook, you don't have to feel like you're

trading anything off."

The new MacBooks come in three versions, each of which has a 13-inch

glossy-widescreen display. The lowest-priced model starts at $1,099,

runs on a 1.83-gigahertz Intel Core Duo processor, has a 60GB hard

drive and a combination DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive

A 2-gigahertz model with a 60GB hard drive and DVD and CD-burner will

start at USD$1.299 and a black-finish, 2-gigahertz, 80GB drive model

with a DVD and CD burner starts at USD$1,499. All models will begin

shipping immediately, according to Apple

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher
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Eat dust Fernando Alonso. Michael Schumacher won the last two F1 grand

prixs, in Imola (Italy) and Nurburgring (Germany). Anyone who writes

off Schuey from this year's Formula One world champion title is dead

wrong. Here's a picture I took of Schuey at the Malaysian GP

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nokia N80

Everyone wants a Nokia N80 it seems. 3 of my friends want one. And a lot of my non-friends want one too. It's going to be one common phone soon. Let's look at what it does though

Nokia mobile phone - Dimensions

- Volume: 97.4 cc

- Weight: 134 g

- Length: 95.4 mm

- Width (max): 50 mm

- Thickness (max): 26 mm

N80 multimedia phone - Display & user interface

- Active matrix colour display (352x416, up to 262,144 colours)

- Automatic brightness control for display

- 4-way scroll key with center select

- Two softkeys, application-key, edit and clear key, send & end key, multimedia key.

- Dedicated capture key for instant camera activation.

- System: EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 + WCDMA 2100 GHz

- User interface: S60 software on Symbian OS

Nokia N80 - Imaging and Video

- Integrated 3 Megapixel camera with up to 20 x digital zoom and close-up mode.

- Landscape capture with dedicated capture key

- Integrated Flash LED with anti-red eye

- High-quality video capture in MP4 and 3GP formats with up to 5x digital zoom

- Image and video editors

- Nokia Lifeblog

- Image and video uploading to the web

- XpressPrint over infrared, Bluetooth technology, PictBridge and UPnP directly from Gallery

Nokia Camera specifications

- Sensor: 3 Megapixel CMOS

- Focal length: 4.7 mm (35 mm equivalent)

- Focus range: close up mode: 17.5 cm to 23.4 cm, Normal mode: 68 cm to infinity

- Flash LED modes: On, Off, Automatic, Anti Red-Eye

- Still image resolutions: 2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 800 x 600, 640 x 480 pixels

- Still images file format: EXIF (JPEG),.jpg

- Video capture resolutions: 352 x 288; 176 x 144, 128 x 96 (pixels)

- Exposure: Automatic, Manual EV correction +/-2.0

- Colors: 16.7 million/24-bit

- Color tones: Normal, sepia, black & white, negative

- Capture modes: Normal, self-timer, sequence

- Scene settings: Normal mode: Auto, portrait, landscape, night portrait, night landscape, sports, candlelight, and user. Close up mode: close-up and document

- Advanced camera modes: self timer, advanced sequence mode, 10 scene modes and brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour saturation, white balance, exposure compensation and colour tones adjustments, image quality settings and video stabilisation.

- Integrated VGA camera on front with 2 x digital zoom

N80 photo - Xpress solutions

- Nokia XpressPrint- Print from your phone. Print on the go. Order prints online. Nokia brings you fast and easy ways to print your photos, calendars, contacts and e-mails.

- Nokia XpressTransfer- Manage your photos and videos between all your compatible devices with Nokia XpressTransfer storing solution.

- Nokia XpressShare- Nokia makes it simple for you to share your personal content quickly and easily with Nokia XpressShare sharing solution.

- Nokia XpressMusic- Nokia XpressMusic, fast and easy access to music.

N80 Nokia - Entertainment

- Integrated digital music player with stereo audio. Supported files: MP3, AAC, m4a, eAAC+, wma

- USB mass storage that enables easy drag and drop of files, such as music tracks

- Stereo FM radio with support for Visual Radio

- Multimedia player (RealPlayer) with 3GPP & MPEG4 AVC video streaming support

- Internet browser

Nokia N80 - Memory functions

- Up to 40 MB of internal dynamic memory for images, contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list and applications. Please note that the preinstalled applications on the user data area of the device memory will reduce the informed amount of available memory, unless uninstalled.

- Expandable memory: 128 MB miniSD card.

- Hot swap slot for easy memory card insertion and removal

Note: While playing with the Nokia N80, it experienced many memory problems. While it is just 2 days old with about 20 hi-res pictures taken. Any program I subsequently try to open gives me an ERROR message that says I have run out of memory. There is obviously about 30 MB of memory left and no other program was on at that time. STRANGE

There is another problem with the Nokia's memory management system. You must always clear your phone memory. Because any Bluetooth file sent to the device will automatically reside in your phone memory first (in the message inbox), you must always have enough memory to accomodate the incoming file. You have no way to specify that you want to save the file directly into your memory card. Case in hand, if you have a 256MB card. And you have a 10MB ultra cool remix song that you want to save in your card. Your phone memory is down to about 8MB free space. You now have to transfer some pictures or data into the card, free up more than 10MB on the phone. Transfer it through Bluetooth, then copy it into the card. After all that, you then can move back the 2MB+ of data back to the phone. In contrast, my Sony Ericsson W800i can run even if I have 500kb left in it. My Bluetooth files go where i tell it to go, the card or the phone, directly

The mobile internet as well. When you activate your mobile internet browser, there is a perpetual 3G logo on the top left corner. Even if you're using wireless LAN to surf, it just doesn't go away. Making it confusing, as to whether you are using WLAN or 3G to surf. Both are very different in price. There's no way to find out either, unless you check the setting and see what the access point is. Still not perfect, but it does surf the Internet fine

The sliding mechanism lacks spring-action. It feels unclassy to open and there is a lot of resistance. It's alright to open but to close it, you probably have to slam it on your thighs or tummy. There isn't a comfortable area to hold to push the slide back down. You can hold the screen area, but I wouldn't put too much pressure on that area if i were you. The Samsung SGH-D820 does the sliding mechanism really well and it shows you can integrate a splendid smooth slide that's both comfortable and functional without adding weight or bulk. Why can't Nokia do it? What a downer for a phone so powerful and expensive, as the N80

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close encounter with a WHORE for WHITE TRASH

Close encounter with a WHORE for WHITE TRASH

So last saturday, I was out with a a few friends. And together with the group, came along another lady who is an acquaintance. But she (let's call her Miss D) has been close friends with a few members of the group. We met up in town and headed to a club

The club was in a poshy location. We entered the club, the expectation was high for the night. But when I arrived, my first impression was "filipino girls, girls who look like filipino girls, caucasian, caucasian, caucasian and some really lost local souls". But it was alright, I intend to make the best of the night. After all it was already 11+. We settled into a corner. Then there was a lot of dancing. Miss D started catching up with me and she was shaking her booty all over and we danced really closely. The music ranged from Mousse T's cliche hit Horny to some Bangra Remix, from Jon Bonjovi to Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl Radio Edit. Yea, you heard me, the Radio Edit on the dancefloor. That's almost as wrong as David Hasselhoff's music career!

So the dancing pursued. Miss D announces to everyone, even the acquaintances, that it's her birthday and coyly said drinks are on the 'guys'. So many lychee martinis later, the music still sucked and the crowd was just rowdy. We were dressed to the nines because of its location only to find there were some white guys who got in wearing just a t-shirt, shorts and slippers

Miss D apologizes for the venue. "I don't know what's wrong tonight. Usually, when I come here, this place is just full of white trash" she says with a grin. So this must be her preferred hangout! You see, Miss D loves ang mohs (caucasian men). So this ang moh clubbing scene at a popular hotel, was just right for her. Ok, that's fine. It's your birthday, I'll pretend that the club which is terrible by any self-respecting clubber's standard is really alright with me. You know, trying to look on the bright side of things... with the help of more alcohol. Hopefully it can drown the bad music and crowd.

By the end of the night, I was buzzing. You see, I skipped dinner. My last meal was about 12 hours ago. Two bottles of beer, sangria and some lychee martini later, I was rather tipsy, but not drunk. We finished the night off pretty early, almost about 2am and left the god-awful club. We were all joking around and the mood for the night was pretty much quite high on the fun-scale.

While exiting the lift, everyone said their loud goodbyes. I gave a pat on Miss D's butt and said my goodbye to her. She turned to me and said " Hey, I don't like that. You'd better apologize to me". And I stood in front of the lift door as it was closing and said "I'm sorry". She just looked at me and said "Good that you apologized. Anyway, you're forgiven". She smiled and she was eclipsed from the my view as the door shut and it concluded the night.

FOUR DAYS later, which is today, I get a phone call from a friend, asking me to call Miss D back urgently. She's been contacting my friends, trying to get hold of me. I got her number, called her back - expecting an emergency or maybe she needed help with something.

So here goes the conversation

Kenny T: Hi
Miss D: Who's this?
Kenny T: Kenny la
Miss D: Oh, you're still in Singapore?
Kenny T: Yea. What's up?
Miss D: I want to talk to you about something.
Kenny T: What is it?
Miss D: I am not very happy about what happened the other night. I mean I am very angry with your actions and I think I deserve an apology. I think your apology that night was very insincere and I don't like the way you said it.
Kenny T: Oh, I am very sorry about that. I did apologize to you that night. I didn't mean my action that night to be offensive or a means of harrassment. I had a bit to drink and I did something that I shouldn't have. I am sorry that it made you feel that way.
Miss D: What you did was very wrong. You know, I don't really care if you're Mr G's friend or whoever's friend. You have no right to do that to me...
Kenny T: Look, I never meant to hurt you physically or mentally. I really was a bit tipsy that night and I did something I shouldn't have. I am sorry!
Miss D: Whatever it is, you shouldn't have done that. And I want you to hear my explanation and tell you what I feel about what happened.
Kenny T: NO. Don't you say whatever-it-is. I don't like that, it just means you want to dismiss my apology and my explanation. I sympathise with your feelings and what you're going through.
Miss D: I don't need your sympathy...
Kenny T: No, what I meant was that I fully understand where you're coming from and I am really sorry.
Miss D: What you did was very wrong. Don't think that you're Mr G and Mr F's friend and that's ok. It's not
Kenny T: I know. But I have already apologized. What else do you want me to do? Do you want me to give you money? What is it that you want
Miss D: No I don't want your money. You can give all the explanation you want but the bottomline is that you should understand that what you did was wrong and I am very hurt by what you did. It is very wrong... You have no right to do that to me, you know?
Kenny T: (I am getting very agitated, I was going to ask her if she understands English...) Look! I won't apologize if I don't think I am wrong. I am telling you I am sorry and that I did something wrong that I shouldn't have. I apologize. I DO know what you are telling me. And I don't want it to be awkward the next time we meet. I just hope everything is normal after my apology.
Miss D: Ok, fine. That's all I needed to hear from you.
Kenny T: Ok, good.

She hangs up the phone and that was the end of the conversation. It's strange for her to call me FOUR DAYS later and say that she's VERY angry at me for what I did. Knowing that I may not be in Singapore still and that if she needed to talk to me desperately about how she felt, she would have called me the next day. Anyway, I won't rationalize that. She can do whatever shen pleases. I just find that sometimes saying Sorry just doesn't cut it anymore these days, these girls want you to saw your hands off or kneel down and beg or send them a diamond ring to show your sincerity and truthfulness.

Not only did I apologize profusely for hurting her feelings. She just wants to harp on the subject. What is wrong with this woman? Yes. I apologized. So what else do you want? I have a feeling she wants some compensation. To be completely honest, and this has got nothing to do with this fiasco. Miss D isn't exactly known for her beauty, I know I know, it isn't any excuse to touch somebody's bum, no matter how ugly they are. But just who exactly does she think she is? I am just glad this is over. It certainly SPOILT my night. Some say Miss D has got big breasts. I think they are irrelevant, to this story. But the more i think of it, the more I am convinced, it may have some effect on their bloating ego and over-evaluation of their supposed self-worth. Plus the fact that she's such a sarong-party-girl (the term for women who enjoy white males as their love accessory) is just another factor that she thinks she's such a big deal. Oh yea, get a f*cking life Miss D. Hope you don't choke on sperm.

Fuck girls who think they are pretty just because of their rather plump bosom and think they own the world simply because they date white guys. Watch out for more sexually transmitted disease, Miss D. You already have cold sores (herpes?) on your lips that night at the club. She even asked me for lip balm. I wouldn't give it to you even if i had one. And geez, thank god I didn't share a cigarette or drinks with her. "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere" is right. But they forgot, to add - bad girls also catch everything.

She'd better not bring this up again in front of me. I've sincerely apologized. If she wants to harrass me and talk shit in front of me with this topic again the next time i meet her or give me that BITCH/snide remarks purposefully due to this event, I will not hesitate to give her a big piece of my mind or a cold drink on her face.

Those who know me, know that I can be nice. But if you provoke me and force me to the edge, I can't guarantee you some things will not fly.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Wi fi on the Nokia N80

Wi fi on the Nokia N80
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Choose the small screen view, and you should read long text a lot

better. Instead of trailing the text like a typewriter from left to

right, every sentence

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Nokia N80

Nokia N80
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

This phone does what it says it would. Nothing really fantastic about

its design. Looks like a Sony Ericsson W800i that impregnated a Nokia.

The wi-fi works well although the reception and speed isn't

laptop-fast. Expect slower response and loading times. Like

significantly SLOWER

The last row of keys is a little hard to press on a one-hand

operation, and it feels plasticky

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XBOX 360

XBOX 360
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?What am I up to these days

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Woo Hoo

Woo Hoo
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The best word in the world! SALE

Paris Gives Boyfriend - The Butt

Paris Gives Boyfriend - The Butt
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A rep for Paris Hilton has implied that she and Stavros Niarchos have broken

up. When asked if the two had split, Paris' rep told *People *magazine:

"It is not my policy to comment on my client's private life. But I would not

offer a denial."

Gisele. I like

Gisele. I like
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My favourite supermodel, Gisele Bundchen

*NATIONALITY:* Brazilian

*HEIGHT:* 5'10"

*MEASUREMENTS:* 34-24-34 (on her comp card) 36-24-35 (according to Cosmo,

March 2000).

*HAIR:* Brown

*EYES:* Blue

*BORN:* 1980 in Horizontina, Brazil.

*DISCOVERED:* At age 14 while eating a Big Mac with fellow classmates on a

school trip. She later entered the Elite model competition and came fourth.

*AGENCY:* New York-Elite

*INCOME:* $5 million US in 1999 and $8 million in 2000. In 2000, for runway

shows, Gisele commanded between $7,000. and $15,000. (paid by Tommy Hilfiger

to make two turns on his catwalk) per hour. In 2003, the gorgeous Brazilian

made $10 million. Gisele has a contract with Victoria's Secret that will

make her $30 million between 2004 and 2008. Her current runway rate is

$50,000-a-time - putting her at No.76 in the list of the world's biggest


*RÉSUMÉ:* Has appeared on most of the major magazines covers in the past

year. Models in ads for Ralph Lauren, Celine, Christian Dior, Michael Kors,

Zara, Dolce & Gabbana, Bulgari, etc.

*KNOWN FOR:* Being the biggest, newest supermodel. Nicknamed "The Body".

*HOME:* She lives in Los Angeles with Leonardo DiCaprio, has a loft in

Manhattan's celeb-studded TriBeCa neighbourhood and a country house near

Woodstock, NY.

*TATTOOS:* A star on the inside of her left wrist. She got it after her

first night in New York, when she couldn't find a star in the sky to help

her pray.

*SWEETIE:* In late 1999 to early 2000 Gisele split with long-term love,

model Scott Barnhill, for fellow countryman (and multi-billionaire) Joao

Paulo Diniz. She has since moved on and has been dating Leonardo DiCaprio

for several years. She has said that she will not marry Leo until he stops

partying and going to strip clubs so often.

*OTHER:* Gisele has five sisters: Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Patricia

(twin) and Rafaela. Gisele was awarded 'Model of the Year' by VHI and Vogue.

Gisele is quoted as saying "You know, I'm a normal person is a business

that's not so normal." She has a belly-button ring and breast implants.

I was in Toronto

I was in Toronto
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Toronto was fun. Ice-skating was fun. Going to the top of CN tower was fun.

It's good to experience another tall building, other than Petronas Twin

Towers, in Kuala Lumpur. The CN tower in Toronto is the tallest in the world

and I must say it does look gorgeous. At the observation deck, you can walk

on a reinforced perspex. You can see right through the floor and you feel

like you're walking on air. VERY SCARY but this is the place to do it. On a

clear day, you can even see Niagara Falls from the tower

Stupid Brand

Stupid Brand
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

*The following is an excerpt from

Apple, might be finding out that the problem with having a dual boot alongside Windows is that users can compare both operating systems better

According to Penny Arcade, the introduction of Boot Camp makes it a lot easier to benchmark what the two operating systems can do

One of its hacks installed Boot Camp onto his MacBook, installed Windows and then World of Warcraft. To test how the two operating systems compared he ran WoW at 1440 x 900 with all the graphic settings on maximum

It was barely playable of course but he managed to get a frame rate reading of 15 and 20 FPS under Mac OX

On the same lap top under Windows and the same settings he managed to get between 35 and 40 FPS. This is a pretty big difference

The reviewer said that he preferred using OS X, but it was a little difficult to justify when a game runs twice as fast under Windows


:My comment

Ok, the people at The Enquirer Net are obviously Windows-crazy dimwits who know nuts about computers. The MacBook Pro is running World of Warcraft a lot slower than when in Windows version because these Mac softwares and games need to be "translated" from its original language using a built-in converter called 'Rosetta'. Previously made with IBM's PowerPC processor, Mac hardware now are in the interim period where they have to make do with running "beta" software that is designed only for the IBM chip. Mac have only just begun using Intel chips earlier this year and the softwares have not yet been optimized for use on the Intel platform. Thus, making it a lot slower than when the Intel-based Macs computers is running Windows XP (which you can now do with Boot Camp).

You can now install Windows XP on a new Intel processor equipped Mac hardware (that includes iMac, mac mini, Macbook Pro) and run all the PC softwares with no problem, using Apple's proprietory beta software called BootCamp. Read this article

So, in time, when the softwares are written fully for Mac OS X with Intel chips, then only the comparisons can be made. There is no use to compare how games and softwares work in Mac OS and Windows now (even on the same machine), for it's redundant. Windows softwares have been optimized for use on that operating system, while Mac OS ones are not

There. It isn't so hard to understand is it? Some idiot journalists just don't get it! These people should write children books instead


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