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Nokia N80

Everyone wants a Nokia N80 it seems. 3 of my friends want one. And a lot of my non-friends want one too. It's going to be one common phone soon. Let's look at what it does though

Nokia mobile phone - Dimensions

- Volume: 97.4 cc

- Weight: 134 g

- Length: 95.4 mm

- Width (max): 50 mm

- Thickness (max): 26 mm

N80 multimedia phone - Display & user interface

- Active matrix colour display (352x416, up to 262,144 colours)

- Automatic brightness control for display

- 4-way scroll key with center select

- Two softkeys, application-key, edit and clear key, send & end key, multimedia key.

- Dedicated capture key for instant camera activation.

- System: EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 + WCDMA 2100 GHz

- User interface: S60 software on Symbian OS

Nokia N80 - Imaging and Video

- Integrated 3 Megapixel camera with up to 20 x digital zoom and close-up mode.

- Landscape capture with dedicated capture key

- Integrated Flash LED with anti-red eye

- High-quality video capture in MP4 and 3GP formats with up to 5x digital zoom

- Image and video editors

- Nokia Lifeblog

- Image and video uploading to the web

- XpressPrint over infrared, Bluetooth technology, PictBridge and UPnP directly from Gallery

Nokia Camera specifications

- Sensor: 3 Megapixel CMOS

- Focal length: 4.7 mm (35 mm equivalent)

- Focus range: close up mode: 17.5 cm to 23.4 cm, Normal mode: 68 cm to infinity

- Flash LED modes: On, Off, Automatic, Anti Red-Eye

- Still image resolutions: 2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 800 x 600, 640 x 480 pixels

- Still images file format: EXIF (JPEG),.jpg

- Video capture resolutions: 352 x 288; 176 x 144, 128 x 96 (pixels)

- Exposure: Automatic, Manual EV correction +/-2.0

- Colors: 16.7 million/24-bit

- Color tones: Normal, sepia, black & white, negative

- Capture modes: Normal, self-timer, sequence

- Scene settings: Normal mode: Auto, portrait, landscape, night portrait, night landscape, sports, candlelight, and user. Close up mode: close-up and document

- Advanced camera modes: self timer, advanced sequence mode, 10 scene modes and brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour saturation, white balance, exposure compensation and colour tones adjustments, image quality settings and video stabilisation.

- Integrated VGA camera on front with 2 x digital zoom

N80 photo - Xpress solutions

- Nokia XpressPrint- Print from your phone. Print on the go. Order prints online. Nokia brings you fast and easy ways to print your photos, calendars, contacts and e-mails.

- Nokia XpressTransfer- Manage your photos and videos between all your compatible devices with Nokia XpressTransfer storing solution.

- Nokia XpressShare- Nokia makes it simple for you to share your personal content quickly and easily with Nokia XpressShare sharing solution.

- Nokia XpressMusic- Nokia XpressMusic, fast and easy access to music.

N80 Nokia - Entertainment

- Integrated digital music player with stereo audio. Supported files: MP3, AAC, m4a, eAAC+, wma

- USB mass storage that enables easy drag and drop of files, such as music tracks

- Stereo FM radio with support for Visual Radio

- Multimedia player (RealPlayer) with 3GPP & MPEG4 AVC video streaming support

- Internet browser

Nokia N80 - Memory functions

- Up to 40 MB of internal dynamic memory for images, contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list and applications. Please note that the preinstalled applications on the user data area of the device memory will reduce the informed amount of available memory, unless uninstalled.

- Expandable memory: 128 MB miniSD card.

- Hot swap slot for easy memory card insertion and removal

Note: While playing with the Nokia N80, it experienced many memory problems. While it is just 2 days old with about 20 hi-res pictures taken. Any program I subsequently try to open gives me an ERROR message that says I have run out of memory. There is obviously about 30 MB of memory left and no other program was on at that time. STRANGE

There is another problem with the Nokia's memory management system. You must always clear your phone memory. Because any Bluetooth file sent to the device will automatically reside in your phone memory first (in the message inbox), you must always have enough memory to accomodate the incoming file. You have no way to specify that you want to save the file directly into your memory card. Case in hand, if you have a 256MB card. And you have a 10MB ultra cool remix song that you want to save in your card. Your phone memory is down to about 8MB free space. You now have to transfer some pictures or data into the card, free up more than 10MB on the phone. Transfer it through Bluetooth, then copy it into the card. After all that, you then can move back the 2MB+ of data back to the phone. In contrast, my Sony Ericsson W800i can run even if I have 500kb left in it. My Bluetooth files go where i tell it to go, the card or the phone, directly

The mobile internet as well. When you activate your mobile internet browser, there is a perpetual 3G logo on the top left corner. Even if you're using wireless LAN to surf, it just doesn't go away. Making it confusing, as to whether you are using WLAN or 3G to surf. Both are very different in price. There's no way to find out either, unless you check the setting and see what the access point is. Still not perfect, but it does surf the Internet fine

The sliding mechanism lacks spring-action. It feels unclassy to open and there is a lot of resistance. It's alright to open but to close it, you probably have to slam it on your thighs or tummy. There isn't a comfortable area to hold to push the slide back down. You can hold the screen area, but I wouldn't put too much pressure on that area if i were you. The Samsung SGH-D820 does the sliding mechanism really well and it shows you can integrate a splendid smooth slide that's both comfortable and functional without adding weight or bulk. Why can't Nokia do it? What a downer for a phone so powerful and expensive, as the N80

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Hi, nice good review there... Im a fellow n80 user too.. 2 weeks old...
by the way, does ur n80 slider moves abit horizontally when u exert a small light pressure on its side? My's kinda loose... When i exert a light force moving the slider screen from left to does move a small bit... How abt urs?

Agree that the slider mechanism is a bummer

This is really the best smartphone around, Nokia have really hit it good this time! Really cool!

I saw something about a rumor phone, a Nokia E3. The photos look photoshopped but I'm not sure. Take a look at:

Hey dude, thanks for the review, but cant agree with below comments,

"There is another problem with the Nokia's memory management system. You must always clear your phone memory. Because any Bluetooth file sent to the device will automatically reside in your phone memory first (in the message inbox), you must always have enough memory to accomodate the incoming file. ...........My Bluetooth files go where i tell it to go, the card or the phone, directly"

In fact you can choose the destination by yourself where you want your bluetooth files directly to go; either in Phone memory or Card Memory.

Just follow as below:

Go to "Message">> Options>> Settings>> Other>> Memory in use>> Select card memory.


my slider moves a little. Like there's a little bit of gap between. It's not totally annoying but I would have preferred it to be perfect.

The N80... an update. I took mine to the service center after it's been restarting on its own... and hanging intermittently during browsing or playing snake. After the upgrade, things seemed ok until when a call came in, the screen looked distorted. Like half of it was not visible. Strange.

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