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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Telecommunications across Asia were slowly being restored yesterday after earthquakes off Taiwan damaged cables and knocked thousands offline, but access in parts of South Korea and Taiwan was still patchy.
Article on TheSTAR Online.

Most of Asia's telephone traffic was restored while Internet access in many countries had also improved, a day after businesses and home users from Seoul to Sydney were hit by one of the most widespread tech disruptions in Asia.

The earthquake of a 7.1 magnitude, according to the US Geological Survey, struck off Taiwan's southern coast at 1226 GMT on Tuesday. But according to local newspaper "The Star", some of the worst hit are in the country thousands of miles away from the quake. They are the Malaysian bloggers. Here are some of the quotes by the bloggers as published...

“I blog very frequently – every five minutes if I may say so – and this breakdown has affected me emotionally as I am unable to interact with others,” said 26-year-old radio deejay cum music producer Johan Farid Khairuddin, who feels disconnected from his fans. (Wait a minute, who the fuck is Johan Farid? He's not even famous. Oh wait, maybe that's why he needs to blog every 5 mins. Attention Deficit Disorder!)

“It is really getting to me because I have all my information and contacts online and I cannot get my work done,” says Joyce Wong, who is known as KinkyBlueFairy online.

“I feel wretched now because I have lots of pent-up feelings but unfortunately cannot write about them,” said Noor Faridah Zulkiflie, a 22-year-old student. She's contemplating using paper and pen for the time being, until her internet connection resumes per normal. Oh boy, if that doesn't work, how? Use blood ah?

BOO HOO HOO... These people can't blog, oh my god, how the hell are they going to put food on the table? Just like the earthquake-struck people in Taiwan? Oh no, it's such a calamity of unearthly porportions, not being able to post a few lines on the web telling others what you've eaten for lunch or what's on your playlist. Boo hoo hoo. You must be feeling suicidal, not being able to blog for a few minutes. And if you need to blog every 5 minutes, either you need to get fired soon or you should within this 4-minutes or so, get outside and please do something... get a life.

Being a journalist/writer myself, I know what a slow-news week is like... and perhaps the newspaper found reporting on these "supposed or not" incidents of bloggers complanining, newsworthy. Why the fuck should this make page 2 news or headlines? Goodness. Get a grip. Unless they're some US soldiers stuck in Baghdad and can't call home on skype or blog about what a week they had to their family, I find 2 days of disruption hardly... disrupting. Not at least to my mental health and well being. It's bad for work, but then again it's coming to New Year's day... and well, any reason to disrupt work is a good one.

SO, get a life Malaysian bloggers, if you are really complaining. If you're misquoted, well... that's the reality of life. Shit happens.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Greetings From Bangkok

Kenny T is in Bangkok now. Won't be back in KL till next year. Here's wishing everyones a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May next year be better than the last...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You Green?

Stan finally bought the pink shirt after much coaxing (which he admitted to have not worn yet). Last week, he had problem with green. Oh, this boy needs plenty of fashion aid!

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Gold Coast, Australia

Kenny T wishing he had his beach wear on. Ok, also have to confess, I can't wear those white shorts anymore. I've grown.

So this is how it feels like to step into Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast Australia. Oh what a disappointment. The service was a tad lacklustre, cold. I could get a warmer welcome and a more friendly service from Aussie streetside cafes! The lobby seats are adorned with Versace cushions, but they are tagged with a wire that does not allow them to be moved further than maybe a few inches from its place on the sofa. So you can barely hug them. The overall architecture is so Versace- so 90's.

I expected a whole lot more from this designer hotel. But it's absolutely not in the same league as the Bulgari Resort in Bali or the Armani Hotel, which will integrated into Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world. A hotel that embodies everything Armani - from the quilt covers from Armani Casa, sofa specially designer by Armani and a spa with everything by the minimalist guru, even the glowing scent in the lobby. Eat, breathe, sleep Armani. Following that, the Mr. Giorgio Armani and Mr. Mohamed Ali Alabbar of EMAAR Hotels and Resorts will open more Armani Hotels in Milan, London, and New York along with the first resort.

Guess what I saw plenty by the poolside of Palazzo Versace? This is an actual photo taken of one of the many cockroaches that roam the area. In the darkness of the night, it can be pretty scary to know you could squash one of these creeps under your designer flip flops. Never mind the roaches, oh! my poor PRADA!

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Still Want To Know More of Asiaworks?

There has been much fuss in the Internet about Landmark Education or otherwise known as Landmark Forum, handing a subpoena to Google Video regarding a French documentary called "Journey to the Land of the New Gurus", originally known in French as "Voyage Au Pays Des Nouveaux Gourous". The subpoena demands that Google reveal the identity of the critic who posted the video - an expose done by the French TV on the Asiaworks-like coercive persuasion techniques (layman's term - brainwashing) used by this possibly dangerous LGAT. But of course, it's been retracted since.

But the scare tactics have taken its toll on free speech. Copies of the video has since been taken down from various websites because of the legal threats. Is there anything to hide from this expose? You can still find it at the Cult Awareness and Information Centre, an Australian-based site. Just click on the link below and watch a video stream of the controversial video.

You can also download the documentary through bit-torrent. I was told the training is extremely close if not the same in many parts with Asiaworks training. Btw, the French Landmark Education office has closed down since the 2004 documentary... I guess it's easy to take the same abrasive training "methodologies" which has been getting bad rap from the rest of the world, rename it and sell the idea to gullible Asians who are new to this brand of training. After all Asians are the ones with the boom, the competitive spirit, the kiasu-ness, the new money and our values makes us easy targets to be humbled and made to feel inferior? If you're like the many many people who have come to this site, trying to find out more about Asiaworks, then watch the documentary. Then, make your own conclusions...

How is Asiaworks connected to the EST (Erhard Seminar Training) and Lifespring? Click here.

I know my stand. What's yours?

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do not PISS here

"I Know What You Did Last Time You Pee-ed."

A sign I saw right outside Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali. In the car park, there this sign that read "Attention. Please do not urinate here. The public toilet is readily available". What did these people do to warrant these signs?

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Notes On Asiaworks:

I've noticed that I get a lot of hits on my previous post, talking about Asiaworks. Actually I was more detailing of people I know and my reaction towards their new self, after Asiaworks training. Asiaworks training approach is experiential learning. AsiaWorks believes that for certain areas of human learning and behaviour change, experiential learning is the powerful, effective and impactful approach to learning.

Do you know where these "self improving" miracle of a seminar came from? A car and encyclopedia salesman.

Read this article for more details.
The content speaks of Landmark Education (renamed from "Forum"), which stood for one of the earliest form of Asiaworks training. The titular head of Landmark Education is Harry Rosenberg, but it was his brother “Werner Erhard” previously known as Jack Rosenberg, a high school graduate and former used car and encyclopedia salesman, who created the seminar “technology” touted by the company. They created EST (Erhard Seminar Training) in the 70's.

Lifespring, which many view as the base of Asiaworks training is another LGAT (large group awareness training) founded in 1974 by John Hanley Sr., after working at an organization called Mind Dynamics with Werner Erhard, the founder of EST. Can you connect the dots?... EST -> Lifespring -> Asiaworks? If you need to know more, check out these organizations and read the Wikipedia link below.

I completely understand your curiosity towards Asiaworks. A self-development program that reportedly "shifts your paradigm". Some reportedly says "they can feel the paradigm shifting". Some say it opens up your mind to possibilities and breaks down barriers that has been layed brick by brick by your own life's experiences... and that is keeping you in bondage from achieving your full potential. Confronting fears so to speak. It also allegedly makes you realize what it feels to be on the opposite of your own actions, opinions, thoughts and judgement. Taking you out of your comfort zone... and making you see what you normally don't. Bla bla bla.

You know what I say? BULLSHIT. It's like reading the daily horoscope. You made these things true. Everyone has fears, it's normal. People with no fear become criminals and lunatics. I am not saying fear is good. It is not, but anything can push us to overcome fear. Well, in this case, thinking of the thousands down the drain in some self-dev course would push you to achieve results to justify the price. I believe in being natural and true to yourself. My experiences belong to me, they make me. I will change with time... and inevitably will... for and to what I deem is best.

If you think you're not where you want to be in life, if you think you are a failure or at the brink of it, not liked by your friend but don't know why, if you're not confident that you have what it takes to go the distance in life... if you need your butt kicked all the time to get something done... MAYBE you need Asiaworks and get your paradigm shifted, among other things. I for one am a confident young person. I don't need to be compared with successful boxers who allegedly have realized their dreams through Asiaworks or other 'mass-marathon training' (as these self-dev courses are called), or a corporate high flyer who says it changed his life. Good on ya, mate. Thanks but I love myself very much... and I am very often a risk taker who have very little fear. I have an open mind who listens to others and I am happy. I am a filial son, a loving partner, diligent money earner and am good to my friends. I don't need to spend a few thousand bucks just to turn my life around... to what? Listen, I am sure it works for others, I personally have never been to Aisaworks program. But if it works for you...

Some claim that you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get to the LP stage to see the results... and etc. Which is fine by me. And I am not financial controller for my mates, but these are average income earners. My friends have even said they will pay for the new recruits to join Asiaworks and expect an instalment payback scheme. What's the rush?

A lot of websites will say they do not see any cult-like activities. Really? A cult is not defined by deviant religious following, but it also bears the meaning of a a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. Isn't that what Asiaworks is? You haven't met the people I know... these are fan boys. If this was a Gwen Stefani concert, they'd have their hair pink, hire a bunch of Harajuku street dancers, wear L.A.M.B. and yoddle like the Sound of Music. They're abnormal. I've had the pleasure of chatting with a Asiaworks guru a few years back. He's an experienced trainer who is also a familiar figure at the Malaysian National Service (NS) program - yes, the mental and character building aspects of NS derived from Asiaworks. He said, "there are many extremists from Asiaworks, and they may display an agressive character change. Which is not entirely reflective of the roots of Asiaworks". IMHO, if it can affect people so adversely, it's messing with the human psychology. But then, that's my two cents.

From the results I see of my friends, they become extremely outspoken and portray this supposedly-confident self during conversations, more than before. And often than not, they are talking out of their arses. They are confronting their fears and challenging their introverted personality, but if your knowledge of a subject is paper thin, no Anthony Robbins is going to be able to make you a conversationalist in subjects you know jack about. I think they feel the need to justify the thousands of dollars by showing some change, no matter how superficial they are. These are close friends mind you, who I used to hang out with everyday. Who used to be fun... Now they come across as snappy and bitchy, become utterly selective of their friends (thinking its their ticket to success or some paradigm shift that will take them to the millionaires club)... they become a close-knit community with fellow Asiaworks attendees and start recruiting people to join the training.
Mind you, I can take criticisms quite well, if I must say. But there's no need to get all laser-mouth and sneer people, just because you've healed your life wounds and confronted your fears. If you've been keeping it inside you, this desire to lash out at people, then I guess we're not cut out to be friends in the first place. 'Mind over matter' gone wrong... These guys have lost their minds... so it doesn't matter.

They've even resorted to really low tactics. That makes these bunch that much more despicable. Imagine some would ask people on the pretext of dates... and persuading them to join Asiaworks, making people believe that it's the only way to make the relationship work. (Who do they think they are? Brad Pitt) Imagine meeting a friend's friend and giving Asiaworks gospel in the midst of coffee with 6 other friends? Making people feel uncomfortable about coming out again, after that intimidating encounter. Do you know how low these friends have gone to? One thing that's sure, these pals have tranformed into real ELITISTS. Always insinuating that those who are not Asiaworks-trained as weak. This is pathetic. You ARE m*f* weak, not me. You go find yourself an Asiaworks wife, have little Asiaworks ugly children and live in an Asiaworks neighbourhood like the Stepford Wives.

I have since moved on from these friends... I have plenty of other friends. Plenty who don't feel they are superior to others, who respect each other. That's more important than some self-discovery training sessions for people with trouble in changing in an open locker room or with little confidence looking for that boost they so desperately need in life. If you feel like you need Asiaworks, go ahead. I'd be happy if it makes you feel better but don't turn into a monster. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, cause now I'd be able to see the real you. As for the other Asiaworks fan boys who might cross paths sometime in our lives, PLEASE CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR....

Links to see:

Wikipedia's Definition and Explanation of
Lifespring. A training that Asiaworks supposedly is based heavily on.

RRI is one of the largest single resources regarding this subject area on the worldwide web today.
Check out this organization's collection of information on Lifespring and related cult-like self-help groups.

Notes on Lifespring,
the training that's similar to Asiaworks training. And often viewed as the direct derivative.

Written based on a panel member's personal experience during a discussion on "Cults and Psychological Abuse"
on 30 October 1992 at Western Psychiatric Institute in Pittsburgh. The presentation was led by Dr. Paul Martin, an internationally recognized authority on cults and cult rehabilitation, and a former cult member himself. He joined something called 'Forum', which is the earlier forms of Asiaworks.

Afdlin Shauki feeling Asiaworks paradigm shifting
one fine night.

One bloggers personal encounter
with Asiaworks.

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