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Friday, November 26, 2004

Drinks anyone? Tonight will be at Zouk

Legendary Hong Kong actor/songwriter James Wong recently passed away. You may not recognize him but you would have heard some of the popular songs he penned words for. One of the biggest ones include, Shanghai Tang. The long pan, long lau song... This opening words to the song was inspired when he was taking a dump. On the day when the song lyrics were due, he was still panicking because he has yet to finish the song. He had stomachache and rushed to the toilet, releasing a lot of "stuff" and thus had the finishing words to his song. This story was gathered from his close friends and Sam Tin Ha, on the Remembering James Wong program on TV

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Inside one of the world's newest airports. I wouldn't say best, I can't say busiest, I couldn't say prolific, it may look pretty and seem to share a lot of similarities with Chek Lap Kok airport of Hong Kong but the major difference is the traffic and the high ceiling of KLIA. The shopping in KLIA is also terribly disappointing

Kuala Lumpur International Airport control tower as shot by Kenny T

The Xmas tree is up at Orchard Road, Singapore. The Xmas spirit is in the air

Christmas is around the corner. I am going to burn a Kenny's special Xmas collection CD of Christmas tunes for friends. Isnt that lovely

The event was held at Fullerton Hotel, Singapore. Near Clark Quay and Boat Quay

I left at 6am today... for a 20 minute press conference in the afternoon. The launch of some JVC cool handycam that stores it's movies in the 4GB microdrive, rather than conventional tape system. Ok, i expected it to last a little longer than 20 minutes. After all, I had to make a trip down to Singapore at such an ungodly hour. More on the JVC Everio handy cams later

The Mercedes Benz new SLK. It looks drastically and dramatically better than the old one (duh!), being a little more masculine than the previous one. The first generation SLKs had the unshakeable reputation of being the TAI TAI's car, which means rich concubine/mistress/wife's car

Friday, November 19, 2004

This is the other car from BMW. But wait, this car isn't ugly at the 45 deg angle (front & back). But instead it is HIDEOUS at every angle imaginable to the perspective eye. I rate it as the most pointless and ridiculously disgusting excuse for a SUV. But having said that, I don't mean to say the blown-up toy-like, Porsche Cayenne is any better

This is the view BMW doesn't want you to see. Most cars look stellar at 45 deg angles but this is one of the most disastrous backside 45 deg shot in the history of automobiles. The car reads 6 series. Remember this, 6 series and impart this message to your future children that you saw the world's ugliest backside in your lifetime and it was a BWM 645i

a cockroach's point of view

Anna and I are struggling to write our very own 200-word description for the december issue of FACES. It's so difficult to write about ourselves. But Ephan C, the other contributor, did it so well with such nonsensical prose that it's like how a perfect description should be. Vague, poetic but ultimately inconclusive. I am so envious

The Malaysian National Museum with the Kuala Lumpur skyline behind. This is a view from the newly opened Hilton Kuala Lumpur hotel room

Don't move. Give me all your money and valuables! Now! Everyday things you can use for a robbery

My alarms have lost their function. These days, the construction behind my residential area wakes me up in the morning. This is the scene right out of the window in my room. I can't sleep at 6am anymore. It's just impossible to get enough sleep in here

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More of what the locals call the "durian" or some call it the "bee's eyes". This is another view of the Esplanade. An attempt to recreate an identity through a landmark, a-la Sydney Opera House but I think it's hardly really that amazing

Singapore skyline

From its indoor performance spaces to its outdoor venues, Esplanade presents a full lifestyle experience: from the performing arts to shopping, dining and other forms of cultural entertainment. There are top-notch performance spaces supported by a full range of professional facilities and services. The centre, merging an exclusive waterfront location with the excitement of the arts, also welcomes private and personal functions. With a great selection of venues, capable of handling functions for 10 or 2,000 people, Esplanade is able to meet the needs of every occasion, whether a full scale musical or a high-powered meeting for top executives. Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay is located on 6 hectares of prime waterfront land by Marina Bay. There are over 5,000 world-class hotel rooms, 2 major convention centres, 7,500 car parking spaces, 1,000 shops, 300 restaurants and 150 bars in its immediate vicinity. This is a world-class entertainment-hospitality-retail center, offering nearly everything under the sun for locals and visitors enjoyment and pass-time. It's all there within a short walking distance: theatre, concert hall, recital studio, an outdoor theatre, and the waterfront. The Esplanade Theatre complex is truly a jewel in Singapore's crown!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

A night scene in Singapore

The Motorola V3. Super slim form factor. So beautiful to look at. It certainly got me to rethink my opinions about Motorola mobile phones. But its broader than you imagined from the ads and pictures. Its awkward to hold in your hand. It feels awkward next to your ear too. You know what's weirder? The 5mb memory which is way too small for today's standard and the ridiculously impossible software inside. Even the much cheaper Sony Ericsson K700i is equipped with 42MB of memory. The americans obviously have no clue about about mobile phone software ergonomics. It makes you wonder what is keeping Motorola in the top 3 position of global market share of mobile phone makers. For all you anorexic consumers, this phone is for you

Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - F1, WRC, Rally, MotoGP, Live - F1, WRC, Rally, MotoGP, Live

Why are people so against Ferrari in F1? Why do people yawn and say Michael Schumacher is making life boring in the fast lanes at the pinnacle of motorsports? Why? Why can't they just sit back and enjoy the race? Why can't they appreciate Schuey's talents? Will they ever see another 7 time world champion in action again in this lifetime? He's the first 7-time F1 world champion and that doesn't happen all the time.The great Mika Hakkinen could do it 3 times and lost motivation to go on. Coulthard raced all his life and never won a single world championship. Jacques Villeneuve tried his best and won once in 1997. It almost felt like a fluke. Well, I've got something to say to these people who complain about Ferrari's dominance

Firstly, if you're stomp-your-feet, tune-away and "watch-commercials-instead", when you feel that Ferrari is on its winning streak again and think that they are making the sport boring by winning 15 of the 18 races in the 2004 season, YOU ARE NOT A FORMULA ONE fan, so stop whining already. If you are a Formula One fan, you are a fan of the formula and currently Ferrari is doing a damn good job at getting the formula right. When somebody wins by such a margin, it only goes to show the concerted effort, of machine, support, driver and vision

Secondly, in case lamers who lament do not notice, Ferrari, even as probably the biggest name in racing and Formula One have NOT won a single championship since 1979. That was with South African, one-time world F1 champion, Jody Scheckter. Imagine a 21 year drought before the rise to the top of motorsports again. So don't you think they have deserved it? Michael Schumacher single handedly built a team around him that could give him a reliable (cause you can't win a race, if you can't finish it), fast and well-mannered car (like the legendary Ferrari F2002). So, don't hate someone for being so good, hate the team you support, for being so bad

Interesting fact: Did you know the founder of the airline, Lauda Air, won two world championships with Ferrari? In 1975 and 1977. He headed Jaguar F1 for a moment when the team just entered its infancy era in the modern Formula One

View of Hong Kong from the peak.

Malaysians love to eat. Day or night. 24 hours a day, you can find something to eat.In fact,you can find LOTS to eat even at 2am. In Hong Kong, the only thing I could remotely find satisfying at 1am was a cup of "Kong Chai Min", also known as cup noodles, at the nearest 7-11

Kenny Kong. Ever wondered why the popular Nintendo game... Donkey Kong is called Donkey Kong instead of Monkey Kong? Is that a spelling error or was it ever intentional? Strange. The character obviously is a monkey (or a close cousin of it) so what's the story

Me at the Hong Kong MTR station... It was a wonderful trip. Hong Kong is a buzzing city with such great atmosphere. The food is marvellous... and the view? Breath taking. It is fairly easy to get around too


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