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Why are people so against Ferrari in F1? Why do people yawn and say Michael Schumacher is making life boring in the fast lanes at the pinnacle of motorsports? Why? Why can't they just sit back and enjoy the race? Why can't they appreciate Schuey's talents? Will they ever see another 7 time world champion in action again in this lifetime? He's the first 7-time F1 world champion and that doesn't happen all the time.The great Mika Hakkinen could do it 3 times and lost motivation to go on. Coulthard raced all his life and never won a single world championship. Jacques Villeneuve tried his best and won once in 1997. It almost felt like a fluke. Well, I've got something to say to these people who complain about Ferrari's dominance

Firstly, if you're stomp-your-feet, tune-away and "watch-commercials-instead", when you feel that Ferrari is on its winning streak again and think that they are making the sport boring by winning 15 of the 18 races in the 2004 season, YOU ARE NOT A FORMULA ONE fan, so stop whining already. If you are a Formula One fan, you are a fan of the formula and currently Ferrari is doing a damn good job at getting the formula right. When somebody wins by such a margin, it only goes to show the concerted effort, of machine, support, driver and vision

Secondly, in case lamers who lament do not notice, Ferrari, even as probably the biggest name in racing and Formula One have NOT won a single championship since 1979. That was with South African, one-time world F1 champion, Jody Scheckter. Imagine a 21 year drought before the rise to the top of motorsports again. So don't you think they have deserved it? Michael Schumacher single handedly built a team around him that could give him a reliable (cause you can't win a race, if you can't finish it), fast and well-mannered car (like the legendary Ferrari F2002). So, don't hate someone for being so good, hate the team you support, for being so bad

Interesting fact: Did you know the founder of the airline, Lauda Air, won two world championships with Ferrari? In 1975 and 1977. He headed Jaguar F1 for a moment when the team just entered its infancy era in the modern Formula One

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