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This is a shot of the changing room of the gym i am currently going to. Its the WESTIN Workout at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It's got his awesome designer feel but the shower can be a little intimidating to use. It is semi transparent frosted glass with the typical heavenly shower inside

The gym is great but small.. Nice atmosphere but the trainer I was assigned to, Ken Yee is such a BITCH. On the first day, i told her i have never really gym-ned in my life and never tried a treadmill.. she looked at me with a nonchalant and disinterested look on her face, and just stared me and said "Oh, yea, but your program says 6.5km/h for 30 mins" let's get started. She is not only a BITCH, i think she's conspiring to make my life a living hell for the next few months. I hate her. She also insulted me non stop by incinuating that i was a wuss and could not keep up. Heck, this is my real first week of gym ok? Cut me some slack here, BEOTCH!

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