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Working late tonight. Definitely have to work a little more this month cause I am going to Hong Kong end of the month. On a holiday! I am so looking forward to it. I wouldn't normally take the job i did last night because its tedious being a photographer, especially tiring when u get a lot of people refusing you and giving you the face as you approach them for permission to take their picture. Tiring because some others pull you and ask you to take pictures of them and their friends. Giggle giggle. Then there's this girl with bad breath that kept asking me questions. I screamed in answer but she kept saying "Sorry, pardon me?". I mean I could tell her she had bad breath. The on the other hand, the editor asked me for 50 pictures. Thats like A LOT. I don't normally do this, but then again, i don't normally use Biotherm either... and look how my face turned out? Flushes and pimples started to showing up on my face. In the pic, me and travis enjoying some Moet after work. pheww, the day ended well though

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