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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tyra Banks without make up

Tyra Banks without make up
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Tyra Banks without make up. Now, whatever cosmetics she's promoting is going to sell like hot cakes. She wants to prove that not only is she "one of y'all", she's worse than y'all. Girl, put your make up back on, you're scaring the kids. Embrace the mystery indeed

See what others say about Tyra

Tyra admits half the reason of her quitting the runway is because she can't stand fighting with Naomi in the limelight

Seattle Post- Talks on how Tyra Banks Show sucks

the SocialiteLIFE - With a detailed encounter of what happened behind the scenes of Tyra Banks Show

Tyra Banks has a FASHION DISASTER -yawn

Fourfour's comments on Tyra's show - calls it a CIRCUS

A collection of comments on TYRA BANKS- GOOD READ

Would someone please tell her to say "the next step TOWARD becoming America's next top model" instead of TOWARDS? Please

How about a message board with some of the funniest comments on Tyra Banks


Originally uploaded by kennyt.

What gives you the right, in the name of all that's f-ugly in the world, to be a judge in America's Next Top Model? Oh wait, the show itself is a farce. One watch, and I could predict who was going to get voted out. It's shallow, dumb and the show has a personality of a piece of white paper. Summertime Ho-Barbie and Scary Spice ditched that hair in 1997, why pick it up again? damn girl


Originally uploaded by kennyt.

I'm sorry, who voted who out again? What the FUCK is with the hair? Attention Tyra Banks, Marilyn Monroe called from the grave, she wants herfuckin wig back

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Give me NAOMI anytime

Give me NAOMI anytime
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Give me Naomi anytime over this second-rate model. I'm sorry you didn't make it to the model-studded George Michael video , Freedom. Or actually did anything for Omega watches, like the equally over-rated Cindy Crawford. Instead she got Swatch, or something. Maybe if it's any consolation, Naomiwasn't available so Victoria Secrets called you to model for them

Can somebody please tell Tyra

Can somebody please tell Tyra
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That picture looks ordinary to me, yawn

Can somebody please tell Tyra Banks she isn't really that pretty? And
everyone is just happy she won't be modelling anymore for Victoria Secrets.
Look, she's a pile of crap next to Gisele. And upcoming models, Izabel
Goulart and Miss Innocent, Adriana Lima will give her a run for her mascara.
Tyra Banks, darling, you're better off doing America's Next Top Model and
act all mentor-ish to these poor innocent wannabe models because that's what
you can relate to... you're a wannabe too

Lina Teoh - Miss Malaysia World 1998/99 (Second runner up)

Lina Teoh - Miss Malaysia World 1998/99 (Second runner up)
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Lina Teoh Pik Lin, winner of the Miss Malaysia World 1998/1999 title,

actress, television host, and radio presenter - spotted at Starbucks,

Midvalley. Well, let's just say she was spotted with more than just her
trademark crow's feet, I saw her in all her elephant thighs, hippo arms and
bye-bye meat (you know, the type that I have, the jiggling flesh under your
arms) glory. She's got a freakin' big ass too

Good to know that she's REAL now. I like that, but what is she doing now?
MC-ing at people's weddings? I think it's great that she won the beauty
pageant by merit of her intelligence rather than pure beauty. But it's
unfair, why can't Malaysia have our own Aishwarya Rai or something with the
height of Ling Tan, intelligence+selflessness+outspoken nature of Marina
Mahathir, diva air of Anita Sarawak, gracefulness of Camelia, innocent
beauty of Amber Chia and lips like hers too. Why? Why why

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

SFT 5650 P -Singaporean Registered Hyundai Tucson

SFT 5650 P -Singaporean Registered Hyundai Tucson
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The next time you think you can park indiscriminately, think again. This
dumbass was spotted at Jalan Imbi last Sunday. He happily drove his car
right into a CORNER and parked there. Making a busy two-lane road into a
very congested one lane squeeze. What's worse is that, the road is at an adjoining section, which connects two busy roads into one. What a Singaporean GENIUS. I bet he never
did qualify for that show "Singapore's Brainiest Kid" when he was young. He
may be one IQ short of a retard. Let's see him park like that in Singapore, you jack ass

Please, people. The next time you eat at Jalan Imbi - please be careful. I
may be nearby. Or anywhere for that matter. I am OK with parking illegally,
as long as you exercise proper jdugement, common sense and logic. If it's a
fairly quiet residential area at 2am, yes sure go ahead and park at the
side, if you're off for a cup of coffee nearby. Sure, if you're going for a
haircut at some shoplot and leave your namecard so someone can call you if
you double park. The road and jam along Jalan Imbi (Kuala Lumpur) is
terrible enough, don't add on to it. If road users could just spare a few
nano-seconds to think about their parking, life would be a whole shit load

To that sissy-looking gym bunny who was driving the car... UP YOURS, F*CKER!

Show your finger, the next time you see the plate SFT 5650 P - a Singaporean
Registered Hyundai Tucson and support the "World Against Idiot Drivers"

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ethereal Red Fish

Ethereal Red Fish
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

A good picture of bright fishes and their movement

me and my camera

me and my camera
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Me and my camera - Sony Ericsson W800i

milky iced tea

milky iced tea
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Dong Nai Cha. Milky Iced Tea

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I Love New York

I love New York. That's true. I was there when I was 19. Traveling alone for the first time. Thinking back, it really surprised me, how brave I was. It was in Feb and the cold winter chill was still strong. You know, you've read the t-shirts and the souvenir mugs but it's true, there's no place like New York. You'll love it too

And this New Year, I could be returning to New York. This time to see the ball drop in Times Square. Bid goodbye to 2005 and say hello to 2006 in style. It's going to be fun

I always tell people who ask about NYC, "If planet Earth had a capital city, it would be New York. It's like a Best Of Collection - business (wall st), shopping (fifth avenue), government (United Nations), sociology (harlem), advertising (times square), then there's the famous Bronx, statue of liberty, sex and the city, You've Got Mail, frank sinatra and ground zero

It's a place like no other and I look forward to going back there again soon. So hope all goes well with my visa then I can make it on time for New Year's Eve

Basic Rule of Photography

Basic Rule of Photography
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Basic Rule of Photography

In Photography, there is this very famous rule that is preached a lot to the
beginners. It's called "*The Rule of Thirds*". Please click here for a more
thorough illustration of what it is
, but some cameras come with grids like
the one I pictures above to help you make the best out of your picture

Follow the gridlines and frame your subject somewhere along the lines, not to the center. It's only ok to take photos with the subject in the center when you're at a birthday party and someone's cutting the cake. Or when you have a class photograph for the yearbook. Other than event keeping, most pictures do tend to look better following the rule of thirds

Maddie's Back

Maddie's Back
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

I've just got Madonna's latest album, Confessions On A Dancefloor. Some say
it's the best Madonna album , ever. She calls it a stunning blend of musical
styles with one foot in early disco (a la Giorgio Moroder) and the other
pointed toward the future. I think it's a fun album that's perfect for the
weekend. The songs like Jump and Hung Up makes you dance in your room, with
the music blazing loud from the stereo. I personally don't find it fun to
listen to music on a headphone, it's selfish and I'm an audio social. So
crank it up and buy Maddie's new album- it's waiting for you. Tick tick time
goes by

Oh, by the way, if you're a true Madonna fan. You must get the special
edition Confessions On A Dancefloor. This special Limited Edition package
includes a 40 Page Picture Book, 80 Page Blank 'Journal' Book (includes some
diary entries from Madonna), 1 Bonus Track ('Fighting Spirit), 1 month trial
Fan Club Membership and a slip case! I want this for christmas

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hot Stuff - Chili

Hot Stuff - Chili
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

The best culinary discovery since white rice


Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Sitting at the backseat of a new BMW 7, holds plenty of pleasures. Mostly

derived from this button. The individual seat adjustment button. Although it

does become kinda useless if you're carrying 3 person at the back, with the

middle arm rest cum control center stowed away

Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

This is home in KL

Want a SEX-y getaway?

Want a SEX-y getaway?
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

BRITISH tourists looking for a peaceful fortnight in the sun found
themselves trapped in a sleazy resort surrounded by sex-crazed swingers.
The group, including several pensioners, arrived at the 4-Star Blue Bay

Getaway hotel in the Mexican resort of Cancun on a last-minute deal with
Airtours. But they had not bargained for round-the-clock nude romps in the
pool, oral sex tequila games by the bar and lesbian shows.

Imagine 60 year old men and women looking for a quiet evening with their
walking support going about a pool full of sexed up guys and girls. And I'd
like to see more chlorine in that pool! By the way, if you're looking for a
ho-tel with beguiling facilities, this is the one to go to. Apparently, a
BBC show called Watchdog received letters from elderly vacationers
complaining about a foul deal they got from a local tour agent and they
decided to investigate. The caught a lot of the action on tape and found
most of them too raunchy to broadcast. Imagine swingers in action,guys
enticing girls with their Peter, girl on girl action by the pool and in the
pool, girl with banana, girl with a bush in a bush and oral sex with tequila
in mouth. Ok, i don't know what's the fuss... it sounds like a perfect

Check out this link - BBC-REPORT on Blue Bay Resort

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Proton Gen.2

Proton Gen.2
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

I was walking a mall in the district of Indooropilly in Brisbane, and saw

something thats close to home. A Proton in the middle of the mall! It's a

Gen.2 in white. I was proud of Malaysia... for like 5 seconds. Till I saw

the ludicrous price tag on that god damn car. CHOKE CHOKE. Proton Gen.2 is

not bad for a car with four wheels, a wheezy engine thats begging to be

whipped, a power window that might fail to close properly in winter, looks

like it was designed by Lotus during their lunchtime and a badge credo that

makes little kids scream "Thundercats!". Malaysians who buy them have not

many other choices for cars under RM60K but in Australia, it's just

ridiculous to ask for that much

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The ridiculous price

The ridiculous price
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Check out that ridiculous price. What is Proton thinking? Consider this - a 2003 Honda Civic VI 5-speed manual costs AUD$24,000 / A new Honda Accord starts from AUD$29,990 / a new Honda CR-V also costs anywhere from AUD$29,990 / a new 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.0R for AUD$29,990, a spanking new Honda Jazz can be had for AUD$15,390 and more importantly contrast the price of the Proton Gen.2 with the new VW Beetle 2005 edition for AUD$25,990 for manual and AUD$27,990 for an automatic? a VW Beetle or Gen.2, hmph.. now that's a tough decision. It suddenly becomes apparent that Proton is just making a fool of itself outside Malaysia

View of Brisbane

View of Brisbane
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Another look at Brisbane. Typical Australian coming-of-summer weather, hot

cloudless skies. Clear blue skies makes shitty images like the one i took

over here look better, doesn't it? A view not far from the shopping district

- Elizabeth Street


Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Along Elizabeth Street shopping (Brisbane, Australia), saw this guy

surrounded by many onlookers. This artist doesn't paint nor draw. He makes

beautiful images with his spray can. Equipped with a few cardboards, a

gasmask, spraycans and an empty paper, he creates beautiful abstract and

sometimes paintings with his imagination. You don't really expect him to

spray you a self portrait, but for what it is, cheap and tacky street art,

it's pretty impressive. I stood there for a minute. Decided to leave after

thinking "oh my god, my white pants could get some of that paint" lol so I

left the scene. It is interesting for a whole one minute

a few good men

a few good men
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

How many men does it take to man ONE checkout counter? Apparently three.

This is a scene taken in One Utama last month when I waited in a queue for a

minute or so as THREE dudes here worked really hard to scan all the items

and put them in a bag. I am all for creating more job opportunities but

isn't this a little much

Monday, November 07, 2005

Gold Coast

Gold Coast
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast. You might as well go to Bondi Beach in

Sydney for a more exciting feel of beach side cafes and gorgeous



Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Brisbane city. It didn't quite turn out to be what I really expected.

I was expecting it to be bustling with shopping, Hard Rock Cafes, lots

of exciting events and beautiful landscapes. Instead, Brisbane was

more like Perth - perhaps slightly more exciting because the movie

world, wet n wild and other quasi-interesting parks are nearby.

There's also Gold Coast which is about an hour's drive away.

Ultimately boring. Surfer's Paradise isn't quite a paradise. Yes, sure

they may have Gucci, Prada and Bally lined up along the beach but I

certainly expected a place called Surfer's Paradise to be a lot more

like Miami Beach. A lot of souvenir shops but little beach front fun.

No bikinis, roller blades or water sport activities.


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