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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Everybody should have a sony ericsson! Look at this picture taken of me on a Sony Ericsson K700i. Fantastic fun budget (well, kind-of-budget) camera phone.It's got fun photo templates, 42MB memory, mp3 player, nice crisp screen, Mp3 ring tones, Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS... and well... everything for about RM 1399. Thats about the lowest price you can find on a K700i today

I can't decide if i look scary or disgusting in this picture

Life's taken a real turn this month. A lot of things happening. I am going to be on Men's Health make-over program. See me in the November issue. Lots of work out then

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Lotus is a doted flower by the Chinese. It bears much significance in religion, even in food (what the heck is lotus paste?), customs, design and names, especially among the Chinese

Oh, as all cultures in the world, baby naming signifies a form of idealistic symbolicism. Chinese usually opt for a name that has to do with nature. For girls, Lian means graceful willow, Lien means lotus, Yang means sun, and Yuk means moon. For boys, Howin means loyal swallow, Kong means sky, Lei means thunder, and Yu and Yue mean universe. Not that I know all this, I ripped it off the internet. But yea, you generally get the idea. Even in western society, such practices exist.

If you name your daughter Grace, you'd be wanting your child to grow up with grace, beauty, and maybe even religious. If you have a baby boy, a name like Arnold would give people the perception of a healthy child. It's not just for the child, it's for his/her future as well. What happens when a possible employer looks at his future resume and first thing he reads is his name, Fruity Foo? I mean he'd be a launghing stock. Nobody would take him seriously. Don't laugh though, these weird names exist very much in Hong Kong and Taiwan

If you daughter is named Marilyn, let's face it, you probably want her to grow up a slut/disturbed or maybe he will grow up to be a satanist who sings. And look what happened to Cher's daughter? Chastity Bono? Come on, she's chaste alright. She's lesbian. Sometimes it can be ironic. So perhaps the least popular names these days are Britney(freak who just wants to be married all the time, just like J.Lo), Paris (and/or) Hilton, Marriot, Sheraton, Westin, Aguilera, Bush, Martha (and/or) Stewart and OJ

Back to the subject of lotus. It is also a sacred flower in Tibet. It is adored and worshiped by Tibet people for its purity and sanctity

Looks like the Starship Enterprise? Picture taken at MidValley Megamall. Do you have a camera phone? What are u doing with it today? Why not put it to good use? And start a fotoblog

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Orchard Road. Always buzzing

Was in Singapore the past week. So, you're thinking, Singapore is Orchard Road. Not really though. There's more to Singapore than just a street of mind boggling shopping. Here is a pic of Marriot Hotel, Singapore (far right). Tangs Dept Store is right under that Marriot Hotel

I am the SEED OF CHUCKY. In the next Child's Play sequel, coming this Halloween, Chucky is going to have a kid of his own. Its like a really bad case of squeezing a movie-name for all its worth. But hey, its got a nifty movie standee. And thats me there in the picture, as the SEED OF CHUCKY! cute eh

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

JPG make up for men is here in KL!

It's here but of course, I couldn't bring myself to use any of those 'Tout Propre/Tout Beau' products. The bronzer called "Better Than Tan" does nothing to boost one's confident looks because under the local heat, wiping your sweat means creating a little contrast on your forehead. Take that from personal experience. It's great while it works though. But too bad at RM207, it's quite dear and doesn't seem so attractive. You definitely don't want this

How about the Kohl pen? It has a concealer on one end and a eye liner on the other. It's disguised as a black pen to the unsuspecting eye. You could clip it on your shirt pocket without any suspicion, except when people notice you use eyeliners! I mean, who uses eyeliners? Unless you are a drag queen or Michael Jackson, no guy uses eyeliners! The concealer is pretty alright though. Except it only comes in one shade and that won't please everyone. I tried it and it works alright for my relatively fair skin but I think anyone with a tan or Malays will find it hard to blend with any part of their face. So most will give the Kohl pen a miss too. It is priced at RM108 if i am not wrong

Then there's the nail nourisher. It comes in a stubby pen form. Much resembles a highlighter pen with it's felt tip and all. You "draw" on to your nails and cuticles, to give moisture and nourishment so your dry white flaky cuticles appear healthy and fresh. Beware though, they don't last after you wash your hands

So what's there to like? There's the very strong fragrance of La Male in the Tout Propre moisturizers and aftershave. Which actually is nothing extraordinary, other than the smell. Then the lip balms and lip gloss is nothing compared to body shops. And that's really doesn't say much about the products.

The verdict? Over priced, irrelevant but nicely packaged products that will appeal to a very niched crowd. The quality is not really there, plus the range of colours is so limited, you would have to be a chameleon to be able to use it

Money better spent on Chanel bronzers. Body shop watermelon lip balm, generic nail file and buffers and moisturizers/aftershaves from your present skincare shelf that you're already using. I tried almost all the Tout Propre/Tout Beau products available, and I can safely say, it's not for everyone. Not even all drag queens

I read this at


Longhorn, Microsoft's next version of the Windows operating system, is on sale now in a shopping center in Johor Bahru in Malaysia for US$1.58. The pirated version of the OS originated from code handed out to Windows programmers during a conference in October. The fact that the Holiday Plaza shopping center has its own police station does not deter store owners from displaying racks of pirated compact discs alongside early versions of Longhorn.

The news comes despite a drop of $74 million dollars in trade losses between the U.S. and Malaysia as a result of pirated software compared to last year. Jonathan Selvasegaram, a corporate attorney for Microsoft, warns consumers purchasing the pirated copy of Longhorn that "It's not a ready product." Longhorn is not expected to be launched sooner than 2005.Read more on this topic at Reuters.

Someone's Opinion on this (from

"If $1.58 buys you Longhorn I can only imagine what Windows XP sells for. This latest development is a drop in the bucket compared to the continuing problem with piracy in Asia. It boggles the mind to think that even though it is supposed to be illegal in Malaysia to sell pirated software it is still occurring.

In fact, it's occurring in a shopping center with its own police station. That clearly shows how seriously Malaysia is taking the problem. Heck, some of the police officers stationed out of the shopping center probably have some pirated software themselves. It truly wouldn't pay for a company to develop software in Malaysia considering the incredible lack of enforcement concerning piracy laws.Even if it is available I don't think it would be smart for someone in Malaysia to pick up the early version of Longhorn.

Betas are bad enough; I can only imagine how poor a pre-beta beta would run.Good luck to anyone who picked this software up; buyers may find that US$1.58 was too much to spend. They're not really getting anything anyway; by the time the final code comes out it will probably look completely different."



The actual PIRATE here is the person who leaked the beta version of Longhorn. True

I agree with some opinions that say, it's not right to be selling pirated stuff but hey, if you were in Malaysia or any country in Asia at least and you haven't actually been ignorant enough to dismiss the Asian region to be one of the most competitive in the world today, you will see the irony of it all. Pirated softwares actually help them prepare their economies to be more knowledge based

Not many of these people in Asia could afford to buy Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows XP, Adobe Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver or most quintessential softwares for the average computer savvy person. I'm sorry, in the modern capitalist world, not everyone lives in the US-Dollars-world. It's not their fault that after conversion, these original softwares costs Malaysians probably a quarter or half of their one full-month salary, EACH

What do u think that these guys the big US companies outsource from India grew up with tonnes of cash in their bank account and they bought and learnt all their knowledge through ORIGINAL softwares? Get real. Stop bashing Malaysia for saying it's got a police station in the shopping mall, bla bla bla... because you're missing the BIG picture. I personally have seen Longhorn on sale in Singapore last month. And so, are you going to criticize Singapore now?It's not to say piracy is right. It is not

If i made a piece of software, I would want people to pay me for it. But if people told me in response, hey your product has a lot of bugs, it has flaws that people can exploit and poses security/virus/privacy risks. I wouldn't be proud to make people pay hundreds of dollars for them

I don't know how Bill Gates sleep at night for making us pay crazy prices for something that is used by 90% of the world's computers. The monopoly of Windows. I can't even imagine what that figure would be like but it definitely sounds like a good place to start teaching economies of scale. If he made people pay USD$155 for Microsoft Office Suite and multiply that by the amount of computers which would eventually install the software, he'd be filthy rotting-skunk stinking rich, just with that software suite alone. Isn't it supposed to be that if you sold more of the same thing and produce them in masses, the price per unit would come down? Refer to economics textbooks if you're still lost here.

These softwares, in which case, would cost the average man, their whole month's salary, upon conversion to the local currency. Yes, US is probably the economic capital of the world. But where do you think Nike produces their shoes? China and Indonesia. Where do you think your AMD and Intel chips come from? Malaysia. What would you be paying if you actually bought computer parts fully designed and manufactured in the US? With its very much higher labor and raw material costs? Try multiplying what price you are paying now for a Pentium 4 chip by 4 or maybe 5? Thats just one part. What about the sound card? The taiwan made Nvidia video card you have there? How about the RAM? Why do people say that they can't believe technology companies set up their bases here because of the rampant piracy issues that Asia face? Well, if not here, where then? Your grandmother's backyard? You ignorant shallow and one-dimensional geek (refer to Brian's comments on top)

I cannot explain the full length of the consequences of total worldwide banishment of piracy. It's a whole cyclic effect. This post would've made you realize that a part of the piracy problem, is a bigger part of the solution. Education.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Oh my god.

Prices Of Cigarettes To Go Up

RM7 for a pack of Marlboro?

Oh my god. Just a few minutes ago, I was watching the Annual National Budget speech.. and the Prime Minister announced that prices of cigarettes are to go up by RM$81.00 for every 1000 sticks. @#$%&*! My calculations work that out to be RM$1.60 hike for every pack of 20s you buy. That's like Ringgit Malaysia 7!!! Why? A lot of politicians don't smoke or were the ministers knocking on wood during the speech out of hypocrisy? They should realize that poor people who are hooked on smoking will find it harder to afford cigarettes and they may resort to snatching handbags and robbery just to make ends meet. Some people starve for cigarettes. Who do the LEADERS think they are? Singapore?! Where cigarettes are SGD$9.50 a pack

Thursday, September 09, 2004

MONEY BUSINESS! I saw monkey's outside my house area. One eating out of a Gardenia plastic wrapper. He was biting the plastic bag like a child opening up a pack of twisties! They are so cute. Sometimes people leave vermicelli, bread and fruits for them by the roadside. Thats really sweet of people to do that, after robbing the monkeys of their home, natural source for food and recreation. But thanks anyways, joe

Me and Afzan

Me and Christine at the function. I had like 9 beers and still standing. It was a fantastic night though. Ella, Ziana Zain, Vince, Fauziah Latiff (who did a bad cover of Jordan Hill's Remember this Way, will always be remembered "that" way), Datuk Syarifah Aini and well, others I don't know the names

Picture taken last night, at the EMI Media Gala night

Oh, I promised new pictures from the new house. This is the view

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

For a comprehensive analytical essay on Lifespring, the parent program that the spin-off called Asiaworks took grounds from, follow the link below

I believe in informed decisions. This is not rhetoric unless you believe so. I believe anything that messes with your mind should be done by professionals and people of trained psychology background. If you're a Asiaworks fanatic, please do not send me death threats and any defensive text. Not interested in a discourse

Please email me your experiences or true encounters with asiaworks. Want my email add? Leave a comment with your email on it...and i will reply with mine. I would like to hear good or bad stories about this program. Constructive responses only please

Still want to know more?
Here are a few links

[balita-anda] FW: Waspada Asia Works! Ajaran sesat!

Check out the link above for some prologue into this entry.

Have you heard of Asiaworks? I've come across numerous Asiaworks attendees over the past year. I've never bothered to blog about it till meeting this bloke last week. Ok, to be completely honest, he was the least intimidating and most pleasant post-Asiaworks person I've exchanged a few words about the training so far. However, who can ignore all the bad rumors thats been circling this program? Well, I don't want to say bad things about things/subjects i don't really know about. But I can say, i know enough. Of Lifespring, what in psychology is called large groups awareness training or mass marathon training and of course, the negative stuff we hear from people far and wide. Even the Asiaworks FAQ page has "reassuring" answers to questions that say "Is Asiaworks a cult?". How interesting


Whatever it is, i have always been not interested about motivational talks and self-discovery classes. I am happy the way I am and nobody knows myself better than... well, MYSELF. Some things we've learnt to keep hidden like how the Johari Window module explains, or how Freud explain the ego through the iceberg, they're hidden for a reason. This may be a little shallow to say, but even the world's best skincare is not for everyone. Not a single medicine in the world can cure one illness for everyone. Some people are allergic to chocolate or delicious peanut butter. So not one training is for everyone, including Asiaworks

Go if you feel you have to. But DON'T persuade others under misleading pretenses and ask people out on supposed dates just to talk people into Asiaworks. I definitely think that's rude, low, despicable and I think "SOME" Asiaworks people should have more respect for people. An Asiaworks leader once told me, "hey I know that happens, but you see, you can't teach people how to talk... sometimes they are just too excited and want to share their new found light with others!" Oh well, you can spend 3-4 days with someone and give them training that will change the way they look at their life purpose and how they live everyday of their entire life but you can't spare a few minutes to teach your attendees how to talk or what not to do when they graduate? I'm sorry, your RM1800 beginner classes don't cover that, i see. So, do I sign here and top up RM500 bucks to size up my Coke and fries then? How ridiculous to rub it off like that when you know that you have a lot of bad air to clear with the public. Refer to FAQ for reference

It's sad that people in Asiaworks, don't see the totalitarian value of good press. Proper representation would have been appreciated here. And they acknowledge that but I think, they find that these extreme "enthusiasts" assist their growth and popularity

Good press brings good business, bad press just makes people curious

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ah... Canon opened their flagship store last week at KLCC. Now you can stop by KLCC for all your Canon needs.Saw simon yam and ella was there to open the store. Sorry for the blurry picture

Guess? again

Was at a Guess? fashion show last week. The models were beautiful, the food at the function was not bad but the clothes are still way overpriced. Who buys Guess? these days anyways? Apparently, I heard recently from people inside Guess? that Guess Kids actually do very good business. Oh, well, I guess you could sustain a business on selling children apparels that costs hundred bucks a piece that takes even less materials to make

Soon, this will be a luxury. Actually it already is a luxury. Like a landed property in Klang Valley. Many opt to cremate their loved ones and put them in urns so they can "live in a apartment-style". In singapore, prices per square foot in a highly desirable condominium can go up to thousands of dollars (singapore dollars) per square foot. Ok, now multiply that by at least 1,200 sq ft

How would you like an Oakley with mp3 player functions?

"Thump(tm) reinvents the experience of on-the-go music," said Jim Jannard, chairman and CEO of Oakley. "The audio circuitry is built inside the eyewear frame, which means there's nothing dangling from your body and there are no wires to get in the way."
Oakley's digital music player mounts the speakers to the eyewear frame with miniature extendible booms, enhanced with pivots.

They allow the wearer to adjust speaker position for optimal ear placement and to reposition the speakers away from the ears whenever necessary. By pivoting the speakers, the wearer can control the balance between environmental sound and digital music. "When you want to carry on a conversation, you simply flip up the speakers," continued Jannard. "We even designed the lenses with a pivot mount, so you can flip them up for low-light conditions."

The new device plays MP3, WMA (DRM - both enabled and disabled) and WAV file formats. Its 128MB or 256MB NAND flash memory minimizes power expenditure. File transfer is completed with a simple "drag & drop" in Microsoft Windows(r) and Apple OS X operating systems via a high-speed USB 2.0 connection that is backward compatible with USB 1.1. Although available storage capacity varies, the device also can store non-song file formats of virtually any kind, making it a convenient means of backing up important files and transferring files between computers.

Powered by an internal lithium ion polymer battery, a full charge is completed in just three hours, and an 80 percent fast charge requires only one hour. Depending on volume level, file compression mode, external temperature and other factors, the internal battery offers approximately six hours of play time between charges. For added convenience, Oakley included both an audible and visual charge indicator (via LED).

Expect to pay RM1,000 -Rm1,500 for one. Hey, who said looking good won't cost ya


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