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[balita-anda] FW: Waspada Asia Works! Ajaran sesat!

Check out the link above for some prologue into this entry.

Have you heard of Asiaworks? I've come across numerous Asiaworks attendees over the past year. I've never bothered to blog about it till meeting this bloke last week. Ok, to be completely honest, he was the least intimidating and most pleasant post-Asiaworks person I've exchanged a few words about the training so far. However, who can ignore all the bad rumors thats been circling this program? Well, I don't want to say bad things about things/subjects i don't really know about. But I can say, i know enough. Of Lifespring, what in psychology is called large groups awareness training or mass marathon training and of course, the negative stuff we hear from people far and wide. Even the Asiaworks FAQ page has "reassuring" answers to questions that say "Is Asiaworks a cult?". How interesting


Whatever it is, i have always been not interested about motivational talks and self-discovery classes. I am happy the way I am and nobody knows myself better than... well, MYSELF. Some things we've learnt to keep hidden like how the Johari Window module explains, or how Freud explain the ego through the iceberg, they're hidden for a reason. This may be a little shallow to say, but even the world's best skincare is not for everyone. Not a single medicine in the world can cure one illness for everyone. Some people are allergic to chocolate or delicious peanut butter. So not one training is for everyone, including Asiaworks

Go if you feel you have to. But DON'T persuade others under misleading pretenses and ask people out on supposed dates just to talk people into Asiaworks. I definitely think that's rude, low, despicable and I think "SOME" Asiaworks people should have more respect for people. An Asiaworks leader once told me, "hey I know that happens, but you see, you can't teach people how to talk... sometimes they are just too excited and want to share their new found light with others!" Oh well, you can spend 3-4 days with someone and give them training that will change the way they look at their life purpose and how they live everyday of their entire life but you can't spare a few minutes to teach your attendees how to talk or what not to do when they graduate? I'm sorry, your RM1800 beginner classes don't cover that, i see. So, do I sign here and top up RM500 bucks to size up my Coke and fries then? How ridiculous to rub it off like that when you know that you have a lot of bad air to clear with the public. Refer to FAQ for reference

It's sad that people in Asiaworks, don't see the totalitarian value of good press. Proper representation would have been appreciated here. And they acknowledge that but I think, they find that these extreme "enthusiasts" assist their growth and popularity

Good press brings good business, bad press just makes people curious

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