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Great expectations for 2008

What are we to expect from the Beijing Olympics? Well, i don't know really. I can't say for sure. But according to the tradition, you're meant to present to the world, the pride of your nation and the bring a presentation of relationship between sports and culture

Well, then i guess we'll be expecting a lot of fake Ferragamo bags flying around in the ring, guzheng, Zhang Zhi Yi and lots of censorship. Maybe we won't even see the Taiwanese contingent in the television coverage because the two countries have very differing views in politics. It's not the first time China has gone through extreme imbecilic measures for the government's "interests"

Remember the Google ban? Almost every other search engine has experienced a Chinese ban. Internet users in China has complained that they couldn't access popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and AltaVista because they return searches that include "information on sensitive political issues in China". But what a way to cover something you don't want people to find? By making big headlines elsewhere in the world? And creating even more attention to the subject

Read this excerpt from BBC news

"Obviously there is some harmful information on the internet," said foreign ministry spokesman Kong Quan. "Not everyone should have access to this harmful information on the internet. The whole world now is exploring a way to manage the Internet and China is also working on this." -

They even banned Spiderman from showing. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television announced that no foreign film shall grace the chinese screens for a month to make way for local films. But the ban will not change much. There is so much piracy in depressing China that Spiderman has definitely made it there way before the original cinema screen versions do. And that way, the film makers lose money because a month is a long time and countless "pirates" would have seen the show through illegal channels. Read more here

The movie, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" was also banned, citing a continuing effort by the Communist government to strengthen morals.,,30000-13152549,00.html

The Olympics 2008 will be coming from the same country that banned Beckham's hairstyle. The Chinese Football Association have come up with a list of banned styles, and it rules out Becks' latest cut. According to a Chinese news agency: "Dyed hair, long hair and weird hairstyles are all strictly prohibited and all players must cut hair short." Isn't that strange? You're going to be having the Olympics in Beijing in four years and these people will be parading gold medals and weird hairstyles too. Well these guys are going to be playing under the Olympic flame in Beijing, winning and competing in the spirit of sportsmanship and unity, winning gold medals in different fashion. So how less of an sportsman is he, are u not giving the credit to gold medal winners in Beijing?

Feng Jianming, director of the CFA youth department, told the players: "You must learn how to behave as a true man before becoming a soccer star." So, wait, isn't Becks a true man? You mean he didn't actually have kids with Victoria Beckham? Oh i see, so the babies just popped out of mummy's belly like you had all the kids believe. Read more here

The same country that also banned countless video games for their "influence" and content. I certainly don't know what I can expect from a country that lives in a parody of their own actions. They want the world to believe that they are open to competition and is a lucrative market. They want to promote China to the world, evidently with the lobby win to host the Olympics (its one big expensive commitment), but they close their doors to the world

So to tell you the truth, from what I have read, what I feel and what I've heard about the place, I don't expect much. I can say I am proudly Malaysian. I am rather happy even though we didn't win a single medal from Athens. I can't say I am proud about that fact, though. The badminton team was horrendous. They just sucked and couldn't provide any variety in gameplay or displayed any intelligence to put up a strategic fight against their opponents. I digress

I don't mind that Malaysia will probably never host an Olympic Games. Than host the Games in such hypocritical sense

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