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Back to automobile chats. Here's a picture of a car that Chris Bangle last worked on before he was snapped up by BMW to head the design team. Again, he's at it again, with his shock tactics at BMW with the X3, 7 series, 5 series, Z4 and the coming new 3-series. Read more about him here.

The Fiat Coupe was apparently his last project before BMW. I think he's really a Beyonce fan, if not, he could be Missy Elliot's fanclub founder and most active member because he's got a thing for HUGE ASSES. Look at this car and the new BMWs and tell me they all don't have a big ass

Actually, if i had to make a choice, I'd rather Jonathan Ives from Apple's design team do something for BMW. He's so good at transforming raw design elements into aesthetic forms. Chris Bangle, in my opinion, is experimental and he loves to shock. Create headlines and make people go "oh my god" just by randomly piecing elements that defy convention. The 6-series is definitely not beautiful and I don't know how is that piece of vulgarity can be considered to be roadworthy when its that ugly

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