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My Room: Pic #2

Are you wondering what kind of names are ikea products named after? And where those names came from? It's a bit of a mystery to many and a lot of people think it's just weird random labels given by bored ikea branding employees. Well, here are some interesting facts about ikea product names and what exactly are the items named after

Bathroom Items: Scandinavian lakes, rivers, and bays

Bookcases: Occupations (i.e. doctor, professor, etc.)

Dining Tables and Chairs: Finnish place names

Carpets: Danish place names

Chairs and Desks: male names

Fabrics and Curtains: female names

Garden Furniture: Swedish islands

Children’s Items: mammals, birds, adjectives

Kitchen Utensils: Foreign (non-Scandinavian) words for spices, herbs, fish, fruits, or functions

Upholstered furniture, home accessories: Swedish place names

Note : Please ignore the very full laundry basket in the picture. :) he he

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