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Mo' Miserables

Jet is at it again. If you've heard the Aussie wannabe band JET doing the "Look What You've Done" song on MTV you can only simply agree they've gone all Beatles-esque

They obviously thought everyone has forgotten about The Beatles so they could recycle some of that British-accent draggy whiny sounds to sound like its cool again. The Beatles are cool. John Lennon and Yoko Ono aren't. Neither is JET. I look forward to seeing them in the One Hit Wonder show on MTV ten years from now. I would go to a JET concert, oh yea, i would. Simply for the chance to spit on them and show them the finger as they try to impersonate every boot-cut corduroy wearing music legend there is with their way passe dressing and ensemble that could given the most unpopular 70's garage sale a run for its money. Don't they know Oasis tried it once and they're already dead? Liam and Noel Gallagher at least had a purer and more honest "no bollocks and hit-you-in-the-face-attitude". They don't just sing it, they live it. I am proud to say I actually have two Oasis CDs. No shame about it. Originals of course. They're cool. I like their music. Edgy, they have their own sound, air and attitude. JET has got one hit single and a shot at the CD bargain bin a year from now

I don't hate the game, I hate the player

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