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Care For Your Money

Trying to get out of a check-out line at this popular hypermarket is like trying to squeeze strawberry milk out of a rat's nipples. The queue isn't horribly long but the wait is excruciating. The guy in front had a little over 15 items but it took these two lovely ladies a few minutes to get it all done with the transaction. Slowly passing one item after another to each other, the second one slowly loads them one by one into the bag, and the time it took the cashier to take the credit card, swipe it and get it signed could put a sloth to sleep

I've discovered that just because the name sounds french and foreign, they really don't make the best place to shop. Bought a handy mop for RM70, which comes with a handle for squeezing the water out with just a pull. Convenient and the kind of thing a guy with a detergent-allergy needs, plus it comes in pink! Ok,I am digressing, so thinking it was quite a bargain coming from this store, I was shocked to discover the mop is selling for almost RM10 cheaper at Jaya Jusco! What the f*ck is this? Maybe it's just one of those items? Well, another trip today confirmed that they are using the "money back guarantee" to seduce your perception. I saw a rack in Jaya Jusco and Giant, which sold for about RM55, but was tagged at RM71.90 at the popular hypermarket. They said they'd pay back twice the amount of difference if you saw a cheaper item elsewhere but as a "cheated" customer myself, I feel that if I kept all my receipts of my purchases, my house would likely to turn into a fire hazard. So bottomline is, it's my the consumer's fault, not theirs. The funny thing, its our dollars that keep them in business

I didn't run back to the outlet to get my 2x difference rebate because its so troublesome and that is the problem. Many go shopping there in confidence that the items sold there are cheaper than most shops but instead ends up paying more than they should. Can you guess what hypermarket am I talking about? The one that CARES FOR your money more than yourself

So, here's a big GRACIAS and ADIOS to the store. Thanks for making me wait forever at the line, it was so good, I swear it felt like the Annual National Budget Report seem fleeting. Thanks for ripping off my hard earned bucks. I like the free parking at your outlets but nothing I can't think of anything right now that could make me go back to any of your hypermarkets

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