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Kenny @ Present

Thanks to all the netizens who drop by oh-so-often to read my ramblings. Please feel free to leave a comment, please. I won't bite

?What am i listening to now
Tori Amos - Silent All These Years
Annie Lennox - Whiter Shade of Pale

?Did you know
That you can assign callertones for your Maxis mobile? Caller tones are the toot-toot sound people hear when they call you, that indicates that they got through. Well, getting through is not enough, apparently, you have to reward these people who call you with a nice sound. Thus, you assign nice tones to the tune of Avril Lavigne or even Guy Sebastian, if you like. So don't be alarmed if you call me and hear some music instead of the insipid TOOT-TOOTs. That's one more reasonto give Kenny T a ring on his mobile phone, isnt it? For the lovely music. Muaks, thanks your support and give me a call sometime. I mean it


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