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I googled my name again, and look what I found. Kenny Teoh from Malaysia on! Eek. That definitely isn't me. How many Kenny Teoh is out there ruining my name? There's another linking Kenny Teoh to a forum posting in Gee, a lot of religious same-names out there but thankfully this Kenny Teoh believes in universal good and evil and there is a god, that need not be named and is an entity that believes he/she/it created humans with a thinking mind that is capable of making decisions as an individual for a reason. To exemplify the case, if our life is like a one way-railroad and steered by God's wishes of all is good, then why give us an accelerator, a brake and a steering wheel? You understand my point? God sees all and knows all... so I am sure it's clear to see what will happen when humans have a mind powerful enough to come up with words like "homosexuality"..."cunnilingus" right?


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