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.: A little taste of obscurity :.
Oh, Surprise, Surprise. A fellow blogger friend dropped me a comment. How interesting. Check out her blog

What's more interesting is that she's got a whole blog full of comments about traffic jams! Or listening to the radio in a traffic jam, or cars to pretend you got a heart attack by looking at it while stuck in a traffic jam or what not to do during a... you guessed it, traffic jam

She downright graphic and a real piece of imagination. However, I definitely disagree that the Multipla is the ugliest piece of metal on wheels. It looks a bit cute the more I look at it. I kinda welcome driving past one. It's actually very pleasant inside. It's so spacious and being inside the Multipla just lifts your spirits! It doesn't matter if everyone is pretending to puke, fall sick and faint at the sight of your car passing them because the wide and very pleasant windows make you feel like you're driving a glass house around. It has very good equipment and the seats are huge! There are trays everywhere and cup holders at thoughtful places. It drives like a fine machine too. Forget the Kenari, this is the real feeling of space inside. Sit in a Multipla and you'll realize my propaganda is axiomatic

CAR magazine, the motoring enthusiasts bible gives the Multipla 1.9 JTD a four and a half star out of five.

BBC'S TOP GEAR awarded it the Family Car of The Year, two years in a row.  Read more about it here. It also has been facelifted to look better too
My ugliest cars ever made list... tops with
Proton Juara - the transformer car that looks like some 5 year old's drawing of a box with wheels translated into a 3D toy-car that comes free with a box of Ding Dang
Proton Arena - conceived while the CEO of Proton was at the pasar malam and felt that the world needed a car like Arena. And thats just about the place it should remain, the pasar malam
Citroen Picasso - Did someone forget to tell Cinderella's ride it's way past midnight? That's a pumpkin on wheels
Citroen Berlingo - It could be worse, they could call it Kangoo. Wait.. thats what Renault calls it
Hyundai Santa Fe - Ok, the powertrain may be Porsche designed but it looks like the prototype got into an accident on the left, right, front and back. Then translated into a production model with all the kinks intact
Mercedes Benz SLR -  It's over the top, hair dresser, gangsta rapper MTV kind of cool (the bad sort), has a novel pop-up rear spoiler when braking at top speed and disappointment amplified by McLaren influence
Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari 612 Scaglietti - They both share the last spot because
its an upsetting thing to see un-sexy Ferraris. Although seeing the Ferrari Enzo in flesh at a clubbing spot in KL was an experience you will remember for life, its more out of respect for a great supercar rather than its charisma. Scagliette is the latest Ferrari and it is the replacement for the old but beautiful grand tourer, the Ferrari 456 GT. It looks rather Fiat Barchetta-ish and is very vanilla from the back. Read more here
BMW X3 - it's Chris Bangle's orgasm but the road users nightmare to see one. Enuff said
BMW 6-series - What the fuck is that? my god
Most beautiful cars tops with
Ferrari Modena 360 - A beautiful Italian goddess or god, depending on your gender preference, on wheels. It has such magnificient presence and vocals, it will put Mariah Carey to a mild squeek. It has variable exhaust valve for a soprano and tenor scream. The glass enclosure to the engine and the Spyder model is epitome of modern car design art and language
BMW E46 M3 - Its handsome, capable and muscular. Fast and is effortless to drive. Sounds great too, the hum and throttle that sounds like an enthusiastic Rottweiler. The E46 coupe is probably the best looking BMW ever made and the last of them, judging from what Chris Bangle does to mongrel the design language of the new series
Aston Martin Vanguish - It oozes testostrone and makes British Racing Green cool again. It has perfect proportions and poise
The New BMW 5 series (E60) - Incredible presence from the front. The backside looks droopy but it turns heads, the headlamps profile, the curve and nice muscular wheel arches gives it an intimidating stance. One of the truly unorthodox yet most polished effort by a car maker in ages. Proudly makes you forget BMW ever made the 7 series
New Mini - It's the opposite of the New Beetle, which was IN for 5 minutes. The New Beetle is like premature ejaculation. It came too fast, meant nothing and you'd think someone with it is a loser. Hail the new Mini

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