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... TXT lingo, msg lingo, chat lingo, net lingo, acronyms, & emoticons from transl8it!

... TXT lingo, msg lingo, chat lingo, net lingo, acronyms, & emoticons from transl8it!

Wlcm ppl. Isnt it amazn how cmUnik8shn & semantics devLp? lol

The above linked website was featured as a webpick in my article in TechUp for Faces Magazine. It's a website to transl8 all your "normal" text into rather weird abbreviations and colourful concoctions of letters, numbers and some guesswork in how it sounds to get the meaning

Good for shortening your sms while keeping the message in tact, IF your recipient can understand it, of course

It amazes me how words can bring you down, or up or affect your feeligns. Its the power of semantics.

-------------------What is Semantics ? --------------------
Linguistics. The study or science of meaning in language
The study of relationships between signs and symbols and what they represent. Also called semasiology

The meaning or the interpretation of a word, sentence, or other language form
Sentence: We're basically agreed; let's not quibble over semantics

Every dictionary in the world can define what a word means. But it can never tell you how to react.

Words come out of people so easily, it's hard to say it has any meaning when you hear it. Lies? Excuses? It doesn't cost you anything to cook up. So why waste it? The trouble with the world today? I would say is lack of honesty

Sometimes insults you throw at people for the sake of being socially accepted as cool by peers, hurts people (surprise, surprise). I do that sometimes but I will tell them its a joke at the end of the day, and he or she should go home thinking it was just alright. There are the constructive criticism and the lalala-kind that you should just brush off. It's really up to your judgement
I can be quite sensitive sometimes so I don't take them very well. Its not the fault of others, but partially of my own. Some people just live and thrive on giving cheap comments on people just for the sake of conversation. Well, life's full of dicks and bitches, ain't it

Its been a good weekend for me thanks to a dear friend who could pick me up from anything people throw down at me. Thank you, HUGS

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