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Friday, July 30, 2004



Dig your nose while travelling through OLD KLANG ROAD. Its usually a very successful suicide attempt and if one pothole doesn't kill you a million others along this long road will 

Tell a KL cabbie that you're in a hurry and he should drive faster 

Use helicopter as a transport ANYWHERE. Have you lost count of the crashes in Malaysia yet 

Walk along the street, carrying a nice flashy handbag that reads "PLEASE TAKE ONE" on the side 

Buy non-pirated DVDs 

Crack racist jokes in Brickfields 

Try to get into Formula One racing. Until everyone else forgets Alexander Yoong and that he's ever been in F1 or a Malaysian. Either is fine, but better both 

Over - "TIP" the policeman 

Shout "You ought to be spanked!" at your maid. Lest your neighbours decide to ring the authorities even if you didn't actually do it 

Thou shalt not say "oh my what a wonderfully well-laid tar road" too soon. Chances are the road will be dug in and out a few times. Across. Along. Under. Over and sideways. Undecidedly patched again to form a huge irregularity on the road that could easily give you brain haermorrage. Malaysian roadworks authorities have an allergy toward smooth and well maintained roads. It drives them crazy to have good roads


Kenny Teoh-

Kenny @ Present

Thanks to all the netizens who drop by oh-so-often to read my ramblings. Please feel free to leave a comment, please. I won't bite

?What am i listening to now
Tori Amos - Silent All These Years
Annie Lennox - Whiter Shade of Pale

?Did you know
That you can assign callertones for your Maxis mobile? Caller tones are the toot-toot sound people hear when they call you, that indicates that they got through. Well, getting through is not enough, apparently, you have to reward these people who call you with a nice sound. Thus, you assign nice tones to the tune of Avril Lavigne or even Guy Sebastian, if you like. So don't be alarmed if you call me and hear some music instead of the insipid TOOT-TOOTs. That's one more reasonto give Kenny T a ring on his mobile phone, isnt it? For the lovely music. Muaks, thanks your support and give me a call sometime. I mean it

A picture of Joey, a hip friend of mine. Also an ex-colleague. Graphic designer cum designer bag afficianado. Picture taken on a Sony Ericsson P900. Lovely picture at only 30 odd kilobytes. I'm in love with the phone... Will someone please leave one in the cab so that I can find it? lol

Sorry for not updating the blog recently. Been VERY busy moving. So here's an update. Tomorrow, as in Friday 30th July 2004, will be in Penang for HP's launch of 5 new iPaqs. I am not fond of them but I'll happily accept the offer for a stay at the 5star hotel and air ticket, thank you very much. The itenary apparently, includes a mini-amazing race session at Batu Ferringhi. Should be fun. As for the picture you're seeing right now, it's a picture of the wire-mess that I have to sort out while reassembling the PC. Thank god for Bluetooth but shame that wireless peripherals are far from affordable for now. I really wish I have Bluetooth everything, DAMN IT

Thursday, July 22, 2004

I googled my name again, and look what I found. Kenny Teoh from Malaysia on! Eek. That definitely isn't me. How many Kenny Teoh is out there ruining my name? There's another linking Kenny Teoh to a forum posting in Gee, a lot of religious same-names out there but thankfully this Kenny Teoh believes in universal good and evil and there is a god, that need not be named and is an entity that believes he/she/it created humans with a thinking mind that is capable of making decisions as an individual for a reason. To exemplify the case, if our life is like a one way-railroad and steered by God's wishes of all is good, then why give us an accelerator, a brake and a steering wheel? You understand my point? God sees all and knows all... so I am sure it's clear to see what will happen when humans have a mind powerful enough to come up with words like "homosexuality"..."cunnilingus" right?

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The world's best
One of the best views in the world. A Modena. I swear this car sounds like a sweet symphony, the only other car to almost give me that feeling is the orgasmic E46 M3. You can see the engine from here but in the Modena 360 Spider, it looks like a horizontal glass aquarium you press your face into. It looks amazing

A Ferrari Modena 360 Spider

A vehicle that commands your attention
Convex and concave surfaces that used to be the design element of BMW's driver centric interior is a common language of the exterior now

Monday, July 19, 2004

.: A little taste of obscurity :.
Oh, Surprise, Surprise. A fellow blogger friend dropped me a comment. How interesting. Check out her blog

What's more interesting is that she's got a whole blog full of comments about traffic jams! Or listening to the radio in a traffic jam, or cars to pretend you got a heart attack by looking at it while stuck in a traffic jam or what not to do during a... you guessed it, traffic jam

She downright graphic and a real piece of imagination. However, I definitely disagree that the Multipla is the ugliest piece of metal on wheels. It looks a bit cute the more I look at it. I kinda welcome driving past one. It's actually very pleasant inside. It's so spacious and being inside the Multipla just lifts your spirits! It doesn't matter if everyone is pretending to puke, fall sick and faint at the sight of your car passing them because the wide and very pleasant windows make you feel like you're driving a glass house around. It has very good equipment and the seats are huge! There are trays everywhere and cup holders at thoughtful places. It drives like a fine machine too. Forget the Kenari, this is the real feeling of space inside. Sit in a Multipla and you'll realize my propaganda is axiomatic

CAR magazine, the motoring enthusiasts bible gives the Multipla 1.9 JTD a four and a half star out of five.

BBC'S TOP GEAR awarded it the Family Car of The Year, two years in a row.  Read more about it here. It also has been facelifted to look better too
My ugliest cars ever made list... tops with
Proton Juara - the transformer car that looks like some 5 year old's drawing of a box with wheels translated into a 3D toy-car that comes free with a box of Ding Dang
Proton Arena - conceived while the CEO of Proton was at the pasar malam and felt that the world needed a car like Arena. And thats just about the place it should remain, the pasar malam
Citroen Picasso - Did someone forget to tell Cinderella's ride it's way past midnight? That's a pumpkin on wheels
Citroen Berlingo - It could be worse, they could call it Kangoo. Wait.. thats what Renault calls it
Hyundai Santa Fe - Ok, the powertrain may be Porsche designed but it looks like the prototype got into an accident on the left, right, front and back. Then translated into a production model with all the kinks intact
Mercedes Benz SLR -  It's over the top, hair dresser, gangsta rapper MTV kind of cool (the bad sort), has a novel pop-up rear spoiler when braking at top speed and disappointment amplified by McLaren influence
Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari 612 Scaglietti - They both share the last spot because
its an upsetting thing to see un-sexy Ferraris. Although seeing the Ferrari Enzo in flesh at a clubbing spot in KL was an experience you will remember for life, its more out of respect for a great supercar rather than its charisma. Scagliette is the latest Ferrari and it is the replacement for the old but beautiful grand tourer, the Ferrari 456 GT. It looks rather Fiat Barchetta-ish and is very vanilla from the back. Read more here
BMW X3 - it's Chris Bangle's orgasm but the road users nightmare to see one. Enuff said
BMW 6-series - What the fuck is that? my god
Most beautiful cars tops with
Ferrari Modena 360 - A beautiful Italian goddess or god, depending on your gender preference, on wheels. It has such magnificient presence and vocals, it will put Mariah Carey to a mild squeek. It has variable exhaust valve for a soprano and tenor scream. The glass enclosure to the engine and the Spyder model is epitome of modern car design art and language
BMW E46 M3 - Its handsome, capable and muscular. Fast and is effortless to drive. Sounds great too, the hum and throttle that sounds like an enthusiastic Rottweiler. The E46 coupe is probably the best looking BMW ever made and the last of them, judging from what Chris Bangle does to mongrel the design language of the new series
Aston Martin Vanguish - It oozes testostrone and makes British Racing Green cool again. It has perfect proportions and poise
The New BMW 5 series (E60) - Incredible presence from the front. The backside looks droopy but it turns heads, the headlamps profile, the curve and nice muscular wheel arches gives it an intimidating stance. One of the truly unorthodox yet most polished effort by a car maker in ages. Proudly makes you forget BMW ever made the 7 series
New Mini - It's the opposite of the New Beetle, which was IN for 5 minutes. The New Beetle is like premature ejaculation. It came too fast, meant nothing and you'd think someone with it is a loser. Hail the new Mini

Sunday, July 18, 2004

This is what happens when you sleep on both sides evenly

... TXT lingo, msg lingo, chat lingo, net lingo, acronyms, & emoticons from transl8it!

... TXT lingo, msg lingo, chat lingo, net lingo, acronyms, & emoticons from transl8it!

Wlcm ppl. Isnt it amazn how cmUnik8shn & semantics devLp? lol

The above linked website was featured as a webpick in my article in TechUp for Faces Magazine. It's a website to transl8 all your "normal" text into rather weird abbreviations and colourful concoctions of letters, numbers and some guesswork in how it sounds to get the meaning

Good for shortening your sms while keeping the message in tact, IF your recipient can understand it, of course

It amazes me how words can bring you down, or up or affect your feeligns. Its the power of semantics.

-------------------What is Semantics ? --------------------
Linguistics. The study or science of meaning in language
The study of relationships between signs and symbols and what they represent. Also called semasiology

The meaning or the interpretation of a word, sentence, or other language form
Sentence: We're basically agreed; let's not quibble over semantics

Every dictionary in the world can define what a word means. But it can never tell you how to react.

Words come out of people so easily, it's hard to say it has any meaning when you hear it. Lies? Excuses? It doesn't cost you anything to cook up. So why waste it? The trouble with the world today? I would say is lack of honesty

Sometimes insults you throw at people for the sake of being socially accepted as cool by peers, hurts people (surprise, surprise). I do that sometimes but I will tell them its a joke at the end of the day, and he or she should go home thinking it was just alright. There are the constructive criticism and the lalala-kind that you should just brush off. It's really up to your judgement
I can be quite sensitive sometimes so I don't take them very well. Its not the fault of others, but partially of my own. Some people just live and thrive on giving cheap comments on people just for the sake of conversation. Well, life's full of dicks and bitches, ain't it

Its been a good weekend for me thanks to a dear friend who could pick me up from anything people throw down at me. Thank you, HUGS

Have you seen a pussy on my crotch? I didn't make little meow-meow here do it but it just came up to me. Pic taken today at a mamak stall. Very cute meow-meow isn't it? It certainly loved the camera. Oh, btw, its a good and quiet weekend for me. Saturday night, and I am updating my blog instead of clubbing! lol

Friday, July 16, 2004

A weekend of rest... Have a good weekend, people


Personal Updates

Sorry, feeling a bit under the weather. So these few days, not a good time to piss me off or test my patience. Feeling a little confused and need to space my mind a little bit.

But on another note, my editor, Christine, has resigned from her job. She's a dear friend and an amazing guide. She's the same age as me and look where she is now. I am totally proud and glad we were classmates. I hope to still work with her in the future.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Australia: 2001
Oh, what do you think of the blonde bimbo standing on the right? That's me in almost platinum blonde hair while studying in Australia. I had to peroxide them 4 times to get that colour. Its no Donatella Versace but from the pain I endured to reach this shade, I'd settle for Claudia Schiffer-blonde anytime. Do you have any idea how much it hurts? You can't imagine. I wouldn't do it again

Taxi Tips

In a cab, travelling from A to B in Singapore, I noticed an interesting display device installed in all Singaporean taxis. It's a simple display that sends messages and keeps communication with the taxi HQ. You can see it in this picture here. Right on top of the dash

Interestingly, sitting behind an unusually not chatty taxi driver, I couldn't help but let my prying eyes feast on the juicy information on the display. What was I to do, sit quietly in the taxi and get hypnotized by passing traffic? Or worse, start a conversation with the driver? Besides its something new to a Malaysian

First message i saw, reads... someone lost a purple umbrella in a cab travelling from ABC to XYZ at 6pm yesterday and is looking for it. Must be a pretty important umbrella. I lose umbrellas all the time. If it's raining and I have an umbrella, it almost means, hey kenny, its time to forget your umbrella and leave it behind at the coffee shop! I think I must have lost like 25 brollies in all my life. Some were lost by yours forgetfully or borrowed by someone who simply forgot his promise to return it. There was once an advertising client of mine took a nice blue brolly from me and never gave it back. MR ALBERT FROM CHUNDI INCORPORATED IN DESA SRI HARTAMAS,KUALA LUMPUR... I WANT MY UMBRELLA BACK

Back to the messages. The next one came from someone who lost an X amount of cash in a taxi travelling from QWERTY to ASDF last night, at 2300. Sounds ridiculous but who would return that amount of cash? The message didn't say how much but I assume it must be a lot to warrant someone to call up the taxi service and demand a note to be sent to all the cabs display! This is an excellent service but it would just do no good for Malaysian cabs. These guys are either not bothered or just too busy cutting in and out of traffic like Schumacher on a full bladder to the nearest petrol station

Here are a few tips for cabbing

Don't fall ASLEEP. If you do, your mobile phone might fall out of your pocket. You might wake up in a blurry state and might not know what you left behind. Or you may have been taken for a ride, a longer one that is. You won't believe the amount of things my friends have found in taxi cabs and never found the time to return (OR just didn't want to return) Mobile phones, wallets, hair clips, bags, assignments and water bottles, you name it, they've found it

BE SAFE, ASK! When in a foreign place in Malaysia, like say, Penang, it helps to ask how do the taxi drivers charge. In Penang, it is not uncommon for the taxi drivers to quote a flat charge instead of going by the meter like most taxi cabs in the world do. A 1km taxi ride may easily cost RM8, and thats a crazy fare when a meter-running equivalent would only cost RM2.50- RM3.00 for the same journey

HAVE SOME IDEA OF THE ROADS. Before I took a cab, I asked a Singaporean friend what is the best route to take to get to my destination. So when the taxi driver asks you which road to take, you can look like you know your roads and they will be less likely to rip you off. Don't hold a road map in your hands cause it just spells T.O.U.R.I.S.T! and you're flirting with danger. Chances are you're going to get conned

CHECK and RECHECK Once the cab leaves you, whatever you left in there is as good as gone. It doesn't matter if you took down the cab number because chances are the next person to get into the cab would have found the term 'finders keepers' the rule to go by. If you're lucky to find a good samaritan, you'll thank your very lucky stars and see your belongings again but don't count on it. Always check and recheck the seats to see if you forgot anything. Don't rush out of the cab because losing some time making sure you got everything out is not as bad as losing something precious and expensive like a mobile phone on a silly mistake like that

Taxi is probably the more glam way to travel but it's definitely more costly, especially if you're the guy who lost that expensive Nokia mobile phone that my friend found the taxi ride he took recently

Monday, July 12, 2004

Singapore food

Singapore Food. If you thought Singaporean fares are all replicas of Malaysian food, think again. There's so much to look forward to if you happen to be hungry in Singapore. A lot of unique and tantalising varieties of food. You just have to go beyond touristy all-too-familiar-to-tourist Orchard Road to find them

Here we have a picture of a bowl of Katong Laksa. I am sorry I couldn't wait so I finished the Katong laksa before I managed to get it to say"CHEESE". Enjoy the picture

Saturday, July 10, 2004


I am now in singapore. Enjoying a short holiday with close friends... Have been eating non-stop. Expect to see chubby pictures of me soon How is your weekend? Lets share

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Music latest

Latest on my music playlist

Goldfrapp - Twist
Dave Armstrong - Make Your Move (Dare Me)
Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez feat. Jessica Eve - Dancin
Martin Solveig - Rocking Music

The weekend was rather quiet. Had a good plastic cup of tea and some laughable chats over Friday and Saturday. Nice. How was yours?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

this is the view from the balcony... I will be moving soon... So better enjoy the view while i can.



I watched Spiderman 2 last night. Spidey had just got better! I am sure it will go on to make more blockbuster money this time around. Not like it hasn't made enough the last time around. It earned a gross $800 million worldwide

I won't spoil the story for you in this entry but you simply MUST watch it. Even if Peter Parker is a bit too much of a wimp for about 2/3 of the movie, the movie holds itself quite well. The scenes of Spiderman swinging from one building to another puts the viewers in awe. He's actions are more Spidey now, instead of the clumsy goofball in the first movie

The only thing is... I wonder why Marvel Comics allowed this Spiderman to shoot webs naturally out of his wrists when the comic clearly depicts that Spiderman has got to use, Peter Parker's special self-invented web cartridges to shoot webs. Click here

He does run out of spiderweb, but he does not shoot spiderwebs out of his own body. He invented the web cartridges worn like a bracelet and they supply him with webs activated by a activator in the middle of his palm. Well, i guess they didn't want to complicate an already complicated movie. But I thought that Marvel would be more particular about representing one of their most well-known icons of their comic history in a more true and precise manner. One more thing is, how come Spiderman does not have much Spider sense in the movie? He avoided the flying car before Dr Octopus took MJ away but for the rest of the movie, he just didn't seem to see anything coming

I heard the third Spiderman movie would have to wait till 2007. And the new Goblin is going to make a come back. Too bad we'll have to wait that long though. Pity. Cause this movie makes you crave for more. Good special effects, but not "Matrix"-good

I give this movie... 7 out of 10

Great CG, Spider is able to harness his powers better, better love and character development... Great scenes. Good humor to lighten the feel. Short but sweet climax
Cons: Dr Octopus didn't seem like a very determined villian. He was just an accidental villian who didn't care about Spidey but just had to get him to obtain Tritium for his experiment, which is promised by someone who has something against Spidey. Kirsten still looks quite ugly.

Peter Parker too much of wimp. Maybe they are trying to contrast the disaster of Parker's life and the triumphs of Spidey but may be overdoing it a bit. Much like watching a 5-hour Harry Potter film... the wimpiness of the character sometimes can get you tired


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