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My Birthday!

Ok, seriously people. What's up with soft toys as birthday presents? What am i to do with it? I am too old to sleep with one. Besides, I have like 100 of them in boxes back home. I can't display them at home, it's just too kiddy and you have to admit, they are cute, but not THAT cute. Very often immediately after I get them, they end up in the closet. If anything, they are lazy, thoughtless and gifts I wish I could recycle.

Not that I am picky and demanding, when it comes to birthday presents. But some thought into the purchase would be nice. I wouldn't even mind a pair of nice socks... a bottle of shampoo that I really like... how about a bottle of cheap wine, so I can get plastered and forget it was bad in the first place? God, anything but another soft toy! PLEASE!

Oh, but on a nicer note, I did get a bottle of Chanel's Egoiste Platinum from a close friend. Wonderful. I've used it before and have always loved the masculine scent. Designed by Chanel in 1993, Egoiste Platinum (for men) is a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance with great lasting qualities. To me, it smells like a modern homage to the old Hollywood glam and masculinity. A little Fred Astaire. A little debonaire. Not metrosexual, like most modern scents marketed for men...

This one's special. It's a classic.

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happy birthday!!! :D

happy birthday! tai kor jai lor!

Thank you... Thank you... :)

Tai ko jai? No la... Gosh, feel so uneasy with this whole growing up thing. Since when did i become so old, I asked myself recently. As I met my friend's nephews the other day, and they unanimously called me UNCLE!

Dang! Since when did I stop being ko ko? Is it because I stopped using Prevage? lol! I checked - No receeding hairline... no pleated pants, no Alain Delon belt... no talking on the mobile phone hands-free kit while walking and definitely no gawdy mid-life crisis ostentatiousness.

But every birthday, no matter 18, 24 or 55 is always a fabulous time!

Thanks la. Very sweet of you guys to drop me a note. :)

Hope to see you guys soon...

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