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Phantom Of The Opera

Last night, I was at the Singapore Esplanade to watch the Phantom of The Opera. It was my first time. I was a Phantom virgin, YEA! The show was good, Phantom sang like a nightingale with testicles. All was perfect, except for the role of Christine, played by Rebecca Pitcher. She looks too old, too haggard and way too uncharismatic on stage that any man or ghoul would cringe at the idea of love, with her.

The orchestra was excellent, syncing the moods and the stage characters with great fervour. I know all too well, I was at the front row, just a few feet away from the conductor. Beautiful blonde conductor.

This is where it starts to get a little scary. Sitting on the front row (not recommended), you get a view of these angels being lowered down to halfway between your head and the ceiling... with the Phantom in tow. It sways oh-so-dangerously with the heft of the weighty Phantom, on it. Front row to Phantom of The Opera, definitely not recommended.

All in all, a wonderful performance. A must-watch for everyone... Photos taken from a Nokia 8800, as you can see, shitty quality.

This is how close we were to the performers. At one point, the general crept up in front of us for a scene where Vicompte Raoul was planning to ambush the Phantom. Scared the bejesus out of my friend. So how would I rate the show? This Phantom of The Opera performance gets a 4 out of 5. If only Christine got some Botox...

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