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30 ROCK... err ROCKS!

Yea, what did I tell you about 30 Rock back in November 2006? It's a hilarious, brilliant and absolutely a well-written gem. Crazy cast too! And it's coming to Starworld. With Alec Baldwin winning the recent Golden Globe and SAG (screen actos guild) award for the show, it seems destined to arrive on our shores sooner or later. I'm glad it's sooner. I love watching 30 Rock.

But just like Matthew Perry's new drama show, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, both critically acclaimed shows are not getting the stellar ratings and thus the favorite child status, as opposed to the network's other 'hit' - Heroes. So they're putting 30 Rock on a break until near Spring.

I was quite into the drama, Heroes until well... the story seems to take more turns than a drunk astronaut. I wish every episode of Heroes would end like X-Files. A story is told and concluded... but leaving ends for more elaborate long term storytelling. However, Heroes seems to suffer the same problem as "Pirates of the Caribbean 2". It was basically a brilliant story put on spin cycle. Yes, as many others are just tuning in to the 'exciting' new drama on TV, Heroes may suffer the same fate as Desperate Housewives... where the storyline, plots and characters feel tired.

We're barely through to episode 17 of Season One of Heroes, and it's beginning to show signs of writer's block. (Spoilers ahead), with Claire finding her biological mother and finding out that the father is actually Peter Petrelli. Hello? TVB drama anyone? How about throwing in one of those guy and girl across the street.... looking desperately for their love and missing each other by a split second by a moving bus? What next? Finding out that Sylar is your next door neighbor's cousin? They obviously had to put an internal spin on things, since adding new characters into the show would mean more cost! Not to mention having to make them hang around the already very character-packed story!

The consolation... hh well, at least 30 Rock will be back from a hiatus in the US ABC network on April 19 (my birthday!). And soon, we'll have more episodes of the brilliant comedy. Besides, I have many many episodes of unwatched Ugly Betty to keep me occupied (when I am not looking into the recruitment ads, sending out resumes or writing articles, of course).

The TV is my new best friend...

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i think you meant nathan petrelli. peter is the "all-absorbing one". i found the series quite dull after the first few series but still watching it nonetheless.

there will be a nice twist to desperate housewives in the next episode. that should give the show the boost it needs. ;)

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