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Avril Talks Trash!

Avril Lavigne's latest music video for the single "Girlfriend", from her upcoming third album titled 'Best Damn Thing Ever'.

My questions:
Avril, is that you? Did you burn your pants, Miss Self-Declared Tomboy?

Was there a freak accident at the salon and you got blonde down to the roots?

Did you knock yourself with a Dumb Stick?

Did you just learn how to rhyme from your rocker boyfriend?

Is the air in LA a bit more polluted than Canada, thus choking the blood to your brains?

Did you run out of smokey eyes make-up?

What would happen if Ashlee Simpson and Gwen Stefani had a baby together?

How did you come up with the lyrics like... "Hey hey,you you... I don't like your girlfriend. I think you need a new one. I could be your girlfriend... She's like so whatever, you can do so much better" ?!

Are you high on something?

Do you need to check into rehab?

Have you been hanging out with Lindsay Lohan?

... oh my god, is that me listening to the song over and over again?

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