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Diva on a bus!

Remember my ealier post on the bus uncle? Here's a new bus uncle... but now, instead of the villain, this old chap plays the good guy. While the skinny young man, plays the villain with an attitude. It has no subtitles, so you'll have to make do with Cantonese audio.

The video shows how far society has come... and how bitchy skinny bitches can be such a prick. Either that, or the lesson should be "divas should ONLY take cabs..."

Note: The video depicts a young man, who refuses to give up the seat next to him (although it is only occupied by a medium sized paperbag) for a 82 year old man who's standing in the bus. All the passengers on the bus are jeering at the skinny young passenger but he refuses to show remotely any concern until the police arrives. I bet this skinny guy goes home to his little 500 sq ft one bedroom flat and asks his mum to sleep standing too, while he cuddle his little pink bolster and roll around in his Powerpuff Girls king-sized sheets.

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What an interesting episode. Can see that Hong Kongers are pretty united and they really fight for justice. However, I reckon this same scenario will have the same ending here in Singapore...haha.

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