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I watched Spiderman 2 last night. Spidey had just got better! I am sure it will go on to make more blockbuster money this time around. Not like it hasn't made enough the last time around. It earned a gross $800 million worldwide

I won't spoil the story for you in this entry but you simply MUST watch it. Even if Peter Parker is a bit too much of a wimp for about 2/3 of the movie, the movie holds itself quite well. The scenes of Spiderman swinging from one building to another puts the viewers in awe. He's actions are more Spidey now, instead of the clumsy goofball in the first movie

The only thing is... I wonder why Marvel Comics allowed this Spiderman to shoot webs naturally out of his wrists when the comic clearly depicts that Spiderman has got to use, Peter Parker's special self-invented web cartridges to shoot webs. Click here

He does run out of spiderweb, but he does not shoot spiderwebs out of his own body. He invented the web cartridges worn like a bracelet and they supply him with webs activated by a activator in the middle of his palm. Well, i guess they didn't want to complicate an already complicated movie. But I thought that Marvel would be more particular about representing one of their most well-known icons of their comic history in a more true and precise manner. One more thing is, how come Spiderman does not have much Spider sense in the movie? He avoided the flying car before Dr Octopus took MJ away but for the rest of the movie, he just didn't seem to see anything coming

I heard the third Spiderman movie would have to wait till 2007. And the new Goblin is going to make a come back. Too bad we'll have to wait that long though. Pity. Cause this movie makes you crave for more. Good special effects, but not "Matrix"-good

I give this movie... 7 out of 10

Great CG, Spider is able to harness his powers better, better love and character development... Great scenes. Good humor to lighten the feel. Short but sweet climax
Cons: Dr Octopus didn't seem like a very determined villian. He was just an accidental villian who didn't care about Spidey but just had to get him to obtain Tritium for his experiment, which is promised by someone who has something against Spidey. Kirsten still looks quite ugly.

Peter Parker too much of wimp. Maybe they are trying to contrast the disaster of Parker's life and the triumphs of Spidey but may be overdoing it a bit. Much like watching a 5-hour Harry Potter film... the wimpiness of the character sometimes can get you tired


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