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Congratulations to Fantasia... I was watching my own recording of the American Idol finals... Fantasia really blew Diana away with her stunning talents. But don't you think these contestants are over-doing it a little? Screaming and dramatising every single end note to sound like Mariah Carey on 8-octave orgasm

However, Simon was right to say, that Diana is a little too young to be singing all these mature songs. After all she's only 16. Yes, by competition requirements, she has to choose the right songs to flaunt her talent but its meaningless because when she sings about MAKING LOVE and HEARTACHE, there's little feel or honesty in those words. Look at Christine Aguilera. She had to kick start her career by sing Genie In A Bottle, for crying out loud.

Come on, Diana's probably had like what? One? Two boyfriends cum serious relationships? None? I recently came across a friend of a friend, who listens to Diana non-stop in the office and he's driving the whole office crazy. Well, it drives me crazy that there's a looneybin out there so obsessed with the totally pompuous, singing-competition-material music that is not even a winner at the Idols!

But anyways, Diana did great with what she had. She is still a child inside despite what, or how little she wears. Did you see her in the finals? Behind the stage and answering questions, she's still "quite" an empty vessel... Blonde, always smiling, always saying "i m just here to have fun!". Look forward to hearing Fantasia on the radio though. Should be interesting. Will she be as animated as Simon said she is on the third season of American Idol? We'll soon find out

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