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!OUCH! my ears!Something NASTY is in the air

You know those tunes that make you switch radio stations as soon as you recognize the tune? Well, lately I have been noting a few of those nasty tunes that annoy me endlessly. I used to pass them off as part and parcel of life. You know? Yin and Yang...there are good things in life and they come with the bad as well. Much like a Value Meal at KFC, you never eat those wedges but they give it to you in the name of value? Oh well, at least there's the Pepsi and the mashed potatoes

You can't expect the radio to play all the music you like on the air 24/7/365, right? So you just have to take it as part of life. But there are very bad noise that the radio stations keep repeating that I am starting to think that the whole music industry is out to get me for some album review I did or something! Is this KARMA? Damn it

And I think if you have been listening to the radio or been in tune with music, you probably would have heard them before

The first Fuck!-Its-Irritating song is Kanye West's Through The Wire. There can be little pity for a man who made such an irritiating high-pitch whining background noise that goes THROUGH THE FIRE... THROUGH THE FIRE... I said pity because Kanye West was involved in and survived a major car accident in October of 2002. Driving back to his hotel late one night after a Los Angeles recording session, the acclaimed producer/burgeoning rapper was involved in a devastating, near fatal car accident in which he sustained injuries that left his jaw fractured in three places. But some angels were watching over him and he survived to make another single

Please note: The backgound goes "THROUGH THE FIRE" because while the name of the song is Through the WIRE, the annoying background whine/noise is an edited and worked sample of Chaka Khan's classic-Through the Fire

I am thinking "God, please shoot me" , if not just shoot the bastard who sampled Chaka Khan and made such a disaster out of a melody. It pierces your ear and the song isn't very nice except for the repetitive whine. Some say it's a great song but isn't this classical conditioning? Can't people differentiate? You can take a sample of out a nice song done by someone else, work it into a song of your own and call it a Billboard hit. Simply due to the fact that once you repeat a tune as many times as that in a 3 minute duration, your head will hum to the tune. Its simple Pavlovian theory. To learn more about classical conditioning click here.
This is a shame for someone who has worked to produce some brilliant tracks such as JAY-Z - 'Izzo'... '03 Bonnie & Clyde' and etc

The second song would be THE JETS - Are You Gonna be My Girl. This proud product of Australia is annoying as a rash in your butt crack. To prove that it really isn't that great a song, the single was released in August 2003. Yes, you read right, that is last year. The single did not quite go anywhere except Australia, i guess. Re-released in May 2004 due to its popularity in Australia, the land down under and the exact position where the song should have stayed in any music chart, the single is making some small waves across the globe

Typical to any Australian bars, they are so rock n roll heavy. The song garnered a lot of attention because it was used in a Vodafone advertisement. Please note my Pavlovian theory above as to why disgusting songs like these get on much undeserved airwaves space and our time

This song is taken from their debut album and the JET consists of a quartet from Melbourne, Australia and produced by Dave Sardy, whose worked on Red Hot Chili Peppers & Marilyn Manson. Perhaps thats why this album is so polished and borrowed so heavily from other music from the 70s. You'd swear that these damn Aussie blokes could make the cut for a sequel for "Almost Famous" To see a picture of the guys click here

A case of serious stolen genes from Oasis, That 70's Show, some of Pink Floyd and the spunk of an almost famous-(pun intended) 70s rock band who got into the music a little too late and and had to wait for 30 years to make their music sound fresh again

If you haven't heard the song, hear it from this link. Click here

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