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Women are really from Venus

Women are REALLY from Venus

I recently received a mobile phone for review. In case, you haven't read, I am a freelance writer. I enjoy writing and I will continue to do so for as long as I am still enjoying it

Back to the phone, its actually a phone targeted towards women. It has a lot of show but not a lot of go. Typical of a product targeted towards female market. The phone had no connectivity via IR or bluetooth. It came with a gazillion ring tones and some nasty wallpapers. This has worked well with women so far judging from the response of women and their Samsung mobile phones. Why should it change now? I guess thats what the maker was thinking

Women really are from Venus. I don't quite understand them. Just recently, a friend of mine sought advice for a friend who is in the market for a digital camera. So i recommended a few good and well-priced digital cameras from Canon, (surprisingly) Sony and Nikon. Well, my friend then went on the tell me that she is more concerned about the colour of the camera. I said well the models i recommened takes pictures in brilliant contrast and good balance. But he corrected his statement by saying "oh, she is looking for a red digital camera". A nice red digital camera that isn't too expensive beyond her budget, one that isn't a bad shooter and small. And most importantly it has to be red

I never had such a request before and nor have i paid so much attention to the colours of the digital cameras I have written about or I have seen. I said I will ring back and thought about it for a moment. It was a deep realization that women are indeed very different creatures. I soon recommended a Minolta Dimage digital camera that comes in small red casing and a Panasonic D-Snap that is very slim. The Sony Cybershot P8 or P10 had a red casing as well. I can't keep up with Sony products. They keep updating models.

So the point being, she bought the 2 mega pixel camera that comes in red at quite a dear price. While a man would have bought a slightly "UGLIER"
digital camera that is at least 3.2 mega pixel at that price. Not to mention better picture quality too. When cameras are built small, they tend to have minute lenses and these lenses often don't project enough light into the CCD to produce good indoor/low lighting shots

The next time you are getting a present for a girlfriend or wife, make sure you know whats her favourite colour and her preferences. Its always good to start your shopping list with products with colour options

BUT i must stress, there are some ladies out there who are not like that. SOME. I must say this before I get death threats and hate mails from women who disagree with me

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