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Welcome to Starlight Cinema

Welcome to Starlight Cinema

The Asia's largest outdoor cinema festival is here! Where we can watch a movie under the stars (or rain, depeding on the sky) and on a picnic cloth

Forget the guys with stinking body odour and noisy girls who giggle throughout the show (probably not because of the thrilling car chase but because her boyfriend is thrilling her in places not many people can). Here you have the whole field and you can choose the best and most cosy spot to lay your pad and pick your neighbours

Tonight, I have special invites to watch Kill Bill Vol. 2 Tonight's show is by invitation only so it should be a good crowd. My editor may go too cause I've got invites for four

It will run for a few weeks with different movies every night, including big films like Hellboy, Van Helsing, Shrek 2, Sinbad, Hidalgo, Starsky & Hutch and lots more

Come, come if you're in Kuala Lumpur, you shouldn't miss this

Here are a few MUST-HAVES for this event
Mosquito Repellent - Those damn mossies are everywhere
Snacks - something that isn't very loud when u munch pls
Water - yes, h20
A raincoat -it's called starlight cinema but the stars
never promised to come out every night
A tupperware or sealable plastic bag - for your personal
belongings and mobile phone when things get wet
A nice and thick picnic cloth - no newspapers here please,
also to keep away creepy crawlies
Something cushy - a pillow, a sleeping bag or a nice
blanket is good
A fan - it may get a little warm
A small music player - No cameras or video recording
devices are allowed but a small music device like an iPod with a pair of small speakers, an Mp3 playing Palm PDA or radio is a brilliant idea because you go into the place two hours before screening. Nothing too loud though
Alcohol! - yes, it is allowed but just don't get drunk. You'll be escorted out and banned from the event

You are also encouraged to slap your movie partner if he or she falls asleep and gets SNORING. ssSHHHHHHH

Ultimately, just have lots of fun and be absolutely romantic and thoughtful if you're going with your new date. If you think you might need to bring something to the movies, BRING IT because that one small thing may just make or break your date. Especially at an outdoor cinema like Starlight Cinema

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