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ChaseShumacher left a note in my guestbook and said that we share a lot of common interests. Thats really good to know

He also made an interesting reference to the comparison between Sony Ericsson and Nokia. With that statement, he really hit it home for me. It's a message I've been trying to get across. But let me get this straight first, I don't hate Nokia, I am just a believer of good accessible and sensible mobile phones
Despite still being the world's favourite mobile phone maker, Nokia is suffering as they struggle to sustain consumer interest and loyalty.

"No. 5 handset maker Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications said Monday (Apr 26th 04) that it grabbed more share of the worldwide market by shipping a record 8.8 million phones during its first quarter.

Sony Ericsson said its recent successes are due to "strong" sales of middle- and upper-tier cell phones--a sector of the market traditionally dominated by the world's No. 1 cell phone maker, Nokia. "

Well, among the other mobile phone giants claiming to have chipped slowly at Nokia's market share is Samsung and Motorola. What is Nokia doing wrong? hmph lets see

Slow technology adoption
Nokia definitely was slow in taking on the colour screens. In fact they were so slow, Siemens had a colour screen mobile phone before Nokia. Proudly, Ericsson was the first name in colour screen phones with the t68. Note that I used Ericsson instead of Sony Ericsson because only the t68i had the Sony Ericsson badge on them. And that was the first phone under the SE name

It helps that Ericsson pioneered the Bluetooth technology but it doesn't help Nokia to be so slow in adopting such a technology that was going to be such a hot topic today. Wouldn't this huge mobile phone leader have guessed that such a technology would be mainstream? It was also shocking to see earlier implementations of Bluetooth on Nokia phones made them only compatible with Nokia-made wireless headsets

Selfish technology
The other problem with Nokia is that it is a selfish product. It does not interact well with others. Power users especially hate this and you NEVER want to piss off a power user because they are the opinion leaders of the consumers. Take the supposedly cool 7250 as an example. Did you know you can't take any picture taken from this camera phone with its built in infrared instead resorting to the only means of transfer that is MMS? and you have to pay to get pictures out

The Nokia is also incapable of sending files to my Palm PDA for some reason. I also tried to download songs out of a Nokia 7600 with Bluetooth file browsing feature and the Nokia just cut me off, when with the Sony Ericsson t630 that I have, you could browse me and take any files off me if you like

Busy Design
I must give credit to Nokia for making some of the nicest looking phone during the Nk8810, Nk8850 and Nk8310 era. It was an era when they were untouchable in terms of class, brand perception and overall usage.

However, ever since then, they've gone all weird and very eccentric. Look at the Nokia N-gage which you have to listen sideways, the pencil-box phone that plays music Nk3300 and the 7600 thats looks square in the world of pragmatic design of phones

What were they thinking? One look at the 3650 and you know what I am talking about. Have we lived past the age of ergonomics and form with function that we have to listen to our phones like a looneybin? How is holding an N-Gage like that make my life any better? How do you call that human technology? And why make the gaming device first and the phone second? Because the phone function definitely looks like an afterthought when you hold the N-Gage sideways to talk? Desperate for a new business segment? hmph

I don't mind having a weird phone in my hands if it works better than it looks. I don't mind if the keypad is arrange in a circular fashion if it serves a purpose other than just desperately trying to differentiate myself from others. It's the very desperation of Nokias products to scream LOOK AT ME, I MAY NOT BE USEFUL BUT I AM ATTENTION GRABBING that makes me sick

Don't get me even started on the first fashion flip phone by Nokia, the 7200. Its a tasteless piece of construction with a small screen and lousy looking, VERY USER FRIENDLY interface. The whole thing about flip phones is that u devide the keypad and the screen to two separate elements so that they free up space for both. Not only did Nokia miss both these points, they have thought up of a marketing scheme to call it a Fashion Statement with nice fabric-like covers. Such stupidity of people who buy them

If you really have to own a Nokia, the cheaper 6230 does the job and more with more finesse. The 7200 has a screen thats almost equivalent to its soap-bar brothers and a keypad thats comparable to Anna Nicole Smith. Neither beautiful to look nor is it intelligent. Oh add the fact that they're both completely marketed as fashion "icons" in there

Samsungs have a nice, crisp and big bright screen when they make flip phones. Thats the whole point of flip phones, not fancy covers. They may have worked over the years of 3210 and 6610... but those days are over. GET OVER IT ALREADY.

In the Finnish land of fast drivers and Vodka, the future is as good as FINISHED for Nokia. With the rise of the competitors and the consumers warming up to more design cues from Sony Ericsson & Samsung, there is little left going for Nokia if they continue their ways of individuality. Individuality without a purpose that is

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