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Gym, Gym, Gym

"One of the few words that I know of that doesn't contain a single vowel"

I went to the gym yesterday. For the first time in my life, I was really inside the core of "manufactured looks". This is the largest FitnessFirst gym in Malaysia so I really am in the core!

Getting past the guest relations person who looks more interested in signing us up and earning our commission than really talking about how good gym can be for you. Thats the first mistake, I am already turned off. I haven't even stepped into the gym and this guy is all pretentious with me. I was disgusted at this person who shared the same name with me. At least he's Ken and I am Kenny. You see, mine is LONGER

I had two friends with me. One was already a member at the gym and the other wasn't. The one who's already a member apparently signed up for the gym through this Ken guy. When Ken asked him "Are you also a guest?"... My friend replied "No, I am already a member. Don't you remember me? You signed me up! In ??? outlet. Remember?" with a big smile... thinking this guy would remember

Ken just kept quiet and said "Oh, I'm sorry... Really?" Turned back to the both of us (guests and not members) and said "oh, let me explain to you the packages and rates for our gym... " bla bla bla. I have already turned my ears off from listening to this hollow person and someone who's nothing but a hangar for the clothes he's wearing. You can see right through a person so easily, it's scary. It looks as if he's not enjoying his job. Just doing it to earn a living. All I can say is, well, if you're not enjoying your job... JUST QUIT IT, damn it.

Give someone who actually has an interest in people, in the well-being of others, who are actually as concerned about reaching sales targets as he is about carrying out his job with utmost professionalism and most importantly 'someone who bothers more than you'. If he clearly did not remember, he coudl at least have handled the situation with more tact.

This is not the end of the gym bitching. Well inside the gym. I see people. Troubled people. They are clouded by this perception that they have a problem. I don't think they do. But seriously, I am all for people who work out to feel good and for health reasons. But standing right smack in the belly of the beast, I see guys with huge arms flexing their muscles in front of the endless mirrors. What the hell?!

Gee. Narcissus never quite existed in my reality till now. These guys actually look in the mirror, scrutinizing their biceps triceps whatever, and looking very very focused on their own body. I was watching for a few minutes and I have to say it doesn't look like the guy is going to stop any time soon.

I was surrounded by gym-bunnies. There are lots of people who are going to gym just because of peer pressure and their deep insecurity of losing out in terms of looks in the beauty game. These people just walk into the gym, holding a bag and walking confidently,almost to the point of floating, into the gym and come out injected with confidence. Well, whatever works for you

Some other ladies and men are on the treadmill. One of them looked like he's sweating a bucket. They had a "body combat" class at that time and it looked really fun albeit a bit on the wussy side. I mean who goes to the gym to do "new-age aerobics"? But Shhh.... don't tell anyone I said that it looked interesting to me.

For me, I really do feel better coming out of the gym. It wasn't so tiring... I expected to be pooped after gym because I havent moved my muscles this much since reaching the peak of my channel surfing habits last year, in front of the telly. Getting the sweat out of me was quite fun actually. Not a single moment in there did i stop to look into the mirrors, mind you.

Maybe it's just me. I don't like to be surrounded by people who have "problems". Frankly, I have a issues with motivational books and courses. I have a problem with self-discovery "training". I have problems with motivational songs. I don't need to be motivated, I just need a better incentive to do things. If I am waking up to a job that pays peanuts, do you think I would be as concerned about punctuality as a job that pays diamonds? I know theoretically I should give as much damn as I could for both, but frankly...? On the other hand, if it's not a tangible incentive, i must search for an intangible incentive. If your confidence problems are reaching a new-low... take a break. Look within, not outside. Personally, I dont think I have a problem with anything... I live a life that's full. Everything in life is a "work in progress"...

But the one big guy i saw flexing his muscles in front of the mirror is still there... after what must have been over 3 tiring hours looking at himself and lifting weights occasionally...

The Things People Do.

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