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OK. Michael Schumacher won the race. But here i am left bitter and bitching. As I sat there waiting for the race to start on StarSports channel, the clouds gather and the rain pours. I was left stunned in disbelief of the timing. When it RAINS there is simply nothing on television. My connection to the world without getting out of the house or even the couch

But coming out of that feeling, I was disgusted by the fact that the satellite content provider increased its charges lately. The Malaysian satellite tv provider called ASTRO has increased it's monthly subscription by RM5/a month. Partly due to "supposed" increase in channels over the years (since 1996) and the subsidy they have provided to make their set-top boxes and receivers affordable to the Malaysian consumer

Well, firstly, ASTRO can be offering 1,000,000 channels for all I care, it doesn't matter because I cant see SH*T when it's very cloudy and absolutely nothing comes on the television when it rains. The technicians from ASTRO will tell you to go into setup and re-download services and check the satellite signal strength but it doesnt work, i know. I tried. So why don't put their thinking caps on and see how much technology has evolved since 1996, when they started ASTRO, to overcome this shortcoming because it is utterly ridiculous to claim you can offer 80 channels when I have to check the weather report or take a 'raincheck' to see if I am going to have anything interesting to watch on television

Secondly, I dont care if the set-top boxes are made cheaper or if ASTRO is giving away the receivers for free. This does not justify me paying extra for the same service I've been receiving for the past few years on ASTRO

SCREW YOU ASTRO. Malaysian consumers should not be complacent and accept this capitalist steamroller's bad practice. I'd be switching to another pay-tv provider the first moment it's launched. I am of course talking about MiTV. The rumored new pay-TV station by Tan Sri Vincent Tan. It's said to be aired on digital terresterial television (DTT) technology, which is described to be cheaper than satellite technology and will probably offer better and reliable television content than ASTRO

Oh well, what do I have to do to just be able to watch some television? sigh

You may think that is a storm in a cup over RM5 but you see, when we're talking about over 1,000,000 ASTRO subscribers forking out an average of RM90 every month, it's translated to 90,000,000 million ringgit by just sitting pretty behind the desk and making sure business is as usual every month. With a price increase of RM5, it is easily 5 million extra to ASTRO every MONTH, 60 million extra a year from the increase alone

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