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I love gadgets if you don't already know.

I find it difficult to be using a mobile phone for more than 6 months. Some of the pictures I send to the blog are from my Sony Ericsson T630. It's a nice phone. Nothing to bitch about the phone except it's a little slow, the memory isn't exactly huge and the biggest problem i have with it is that it's not the black one! That shiny, beautiful and mysterious black one.

I like the smell of new gadgets. It's like the smell of a new shirt... like the smell of a new cologne you're putting on for the first time. Yum.

I also have a Palm Zire 71, which i take pictures for the blog from. And a host of other devices... but next on my list is a Sony Ericsson P900.

I think it's time to buy lots of lotteries

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