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Sorry Sony

Well, after raving about Sony and its products. I should probably tell you I have never owned a Sony Clie. And this could be a reason for their downfall

They failed to get the homerun. They failed to deliver a target specific product nor listened to the consumers. Try reading posts on palminfocenter for the past two years to see how people craved for a PDA with a slim form factor and not a swivel screen, a 320x480 screen with virtual graffiti, a camera, bluetooth and wi-fi. They got it pretty damn near perfect with the Sony Clie TH55 but its already too little, too late

That plus the fact that Clies were overpriced sort of killed it for me. I never owned one but have tried them and drooled on them so much I could water a plant for a week

Its sad to see them go and hopefully when they say SUSPENDED means they will really rework their product mix and strategy and come back stronger. I look forward to see Sony Clies or whatever it is called then, on the shelves again

Afterall, they are still being sold in Japan and will continue to be claims Sony. So all is not lost

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