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The news of Sony suspending it's PDA business segment came as a complete shock to me. I thought from previous sliding PDA overall shipment volumes that it would be a tough market for the Palm and PocketPC makers and expected maybe a bit of a belt tightening with less new product introductions but more quality products that is target specific

But of course, i was wrong. PalmSource is suffering a terrible blow because one of their biggest allies, SONY, is shrinking it's PDA business down to Japan only

After a slow start almost four years ago, Sony rose to become the second-largest seller of Palm OS-based devices and the third-leading seller of devices overall. This means third-best selling brand compared to all the Dells Axims, HP Ipaqs, PalmOne and their own devices and Toshiba PDAs. The company did so through a furious pace of product revisions, often introducing new products twice as often as rivals, and by being first with features like MP3 music playback and built-in digital cameras

So anyone who discards them as has-beens definitely don't know what they are talking about. Here I salute one of the biggest influencer and innovator of the PDA industry. They showed us Mp3 playing PDAs before we could say KAZAA

They gave us cameras that go by megapixels on these small wonders and the world followed. They had virtual graffiti on and the world drooled. The form factor of the NX series spawned rip-offs in every possible product that could need a swivelling screen. Check out Samsung handphones for reference

They gave PDA users the landscape format. This is the very testament of their ideology of change. How you can the same thing differently and for the better. To lead and not to follow. Just like Apple, THINK DIFFERENT

The world need more of Sony's qualities when it was at its peak. What we don't need is more PocketPCs. What original innovation have they ever come out with?

Check out what's said about PocketPC's here

The head of PalmSource, the software arm of Palm has called handhelds using Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system devices dreary

Microsoft has an "overly constrained reference model", said David Nagel, CEO of PalmSource

"I think that the Pocket PC market is pretty dreary in the sense that there's often not much innovation. They (Microsoft) require the hardware manufacturers to build exactly the same kind of device except maybe for the skin," he told CNETAsia


We will undoubtedly miss Sony's very high-profile product portfolio and their ability to think outside the box and take charge

Oh, I've just remembered one innovation led by HP (but was never followed by anyone), it's the HP Ipaq H5450 with its biometric fingerprint scanner. I mean let's face it, it gets a B+ for effort and trying to be cool but who actually stores highly-confidential information in a PDA, for crying out loud? If it's so secretive to deem a spy-style fingerprint scanner, it's probably best left locked in a safe or a computer with super 128-bit encryption and more firewalls than a royal arson. No? hmph, or how about storing it on a Sony Memory Vault thumbdrive with Password Protection and carrying it to/from office? Hehe, Sony again

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