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?Skin care for men

I don't consider myself to have very good skin. But some people do ask me how I keep my skin clear and "fair". Well, its not much of a secret really

Think within
Firstly, I think good skin should not all be about whats above the dermis. No make up in the world can help you if you have got potholes the size of the crater on moon. The moon may have gotten a little worse after some bloke named Armstrong stepped on its (sur)face but then again, it looks ugly because it can't shine from within

I take vitamin C and E religiously even whenever i travel. It's useful antioxidants for smokers like me. I heard every stick of cigarette you smoke oxidices about 40-50 mg of vitamin C. That's definitely not a good thing if you a heavy smoker

Vitamin C helps repair tissues and of course will help you get clearer skin. It is also the important ingredient in collagen formation. Taking vitamin C has been said to improve body's ability to heal wounds. Also, try not to drink so much tea during the day. Its not just about the dehydration from coffee but drinking a lot of tea doesnt quite help either. Because tea contains tenin that lowers your body's ability to absorb vitamin C. This is something i read off an article in the newspaper

Drink lots of water and get enough sleep. The latter is a problem for a night owl like me but i do try to sleep early sometimes but oh, the busy social life just begs for the day to stretch that much longer

I recently got to know that if your skin is dehydrated, you will get dehydration lines which are fine lines that appear especially around the eye area if you look closely. It looks like baby wrinkles but if u hydrate properly, they should become less visibe

Products i recommend
Clinique Moisture Surge Extra

Both works on almost the same basic principle and it is simply a must have. Trust me

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