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XTRAMSN: Sport: Rugby: News: Current Tournament News: Shaw Free, Grewcock Banned

XTRAMSN: Sport: Rugby: News: Current Tournament News: Shaw Free, Grewcock Banned

I was watching a little rugby last night on StarSports channel. Surprised? Well, yea, rugby was on after Formula 1 qualifying so I decided I was in the sporty mood and watched on

Some interesting facts. England and New Zealand All Blacks have met 26 times before 19th June 2004, the game at Eden Park. England winning 6 times against the fearsome All Blacks. England lost 19 times and drew once. It clearly showed in the game i saw on the telly yesterday night... England was desperate

On the 11th minute, I saw something in sports i don't really like. England's lock Simon Shaw (no. 4) kneed NZ's Keith Robinson who was vulnerably on the floor. Before that Simon's mate, Danny Drewock gave the guy a few stomps of the spiked boots. Can you believe this? This is clearly not a gentleman's game.

I think the players are knowledgable enough to know what's illegal and ethical in sports. The rugby world calls the English, the rugby world champions! Bah. I think the world calls the sport a little overdose of testosterone and to the rest of those who can't appreciate violence in sports, nothing more than a more real-life version of a 30-men WWF wrestling match

It's equivalent of a few-hour long reality tv of violence in the name of sports. If you had seen the footage of the stomping of the boot, the punches, the knees and the elbows flying around in the match, you also would have concluded that the English were a little desperate to get by

Thats not even the funniest part... the funniest thing is the English coach stood by his player and said his player was sent off unfairly. He said he didn't see anyting wrong with Simon's actions. Bull shit. His partner in crime, Danny Grewock, who stomped his boots on the player was banned for one match. I mean, the coach, Sir Clive Woodward must have overlooked the fact that Simon is lucky to get away with a warning while the other got banned for one match. He obviously didnt see the severity of extreme violence in sports and unfair play. He didn't see kicking a vulnerable player who wasn't going anywhere on the floor, a particularly unsporting behavior. He didn't see the fact that his players were sponsored with Nike boots for running and kicking balls not fellow opponents. Or wait, maybe he's the evangelist of unfair play

I know rugby is a violent and testing sport but do you have to promote more violence, sir? sheesh, you mean he was appointed?... a guy like that. lol, thats a joke

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