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Sony Ericsson S700 previewed

Sony Ericsson S700 previewed

I've found a few interesting mobile phones to look forward to in the past couple of weeks. Looks like we're geared to an exciting second half of 2004 with many exciting mobile phones coming our way. Nokia itself is feeling the heat from their rivals, although in terms of global market share, they are comfortably gripping twice the share of their closest rival, Motorola. No need to even mention Samsung, Sony Ericsson or LG, they are far behind. But if current trend and general consumer reaction is anything to go by, the order is ready to be shaken in the next 5 years. Nokia is releasing 35 new models this year alone and that number is already down from the initial official Nokia's announcement of 40 new models for 2004. They had to react to a lagging product portfolio that is neither attractive nor exciting. More flip phones from Nokia coming in the next quarter. One with a swivelling screen on a flip phone, called 6260. For more info, click here

The Nokia 7610 is a cool looking phone and I have been eyeing it for a while but requiring a reduced size SD card is not on top of Make-Kenny-Happy list, plus the features aren't exactly eye boggling for that price (around RM2299 at this time). But at least it looks good, which is more than what I could say about most of Nokias latest generation of mobile phones

But not HALF as good as the coming Sony Ericsson S700. Click here for more photos and information. Be sure to click on the image gallery to see more of the phone. It looks very much like a super stylish and spanking sexy Sony digital camera from the back. It's got a large 2.3 inch screen that could even possibly put shy guys in the gym to shame. Not to mention chronic penis-envy syndrome sufferers who make try and make it up by buying large and fat Nokia mobiles

It comes with a Memory Stick Duo slot for expansion up to ONE GIGABYTE but either you have a grossly fat... wallet or your profession involves robbing banks and you happen to be Robin in da' Hood to be able to afford one of these 1GB Memory Stick Duos that could easily cost thousands of ringgit. But It's got 40 meg built-in so don't fear, just yet. But if its going to be priced within RM2000 or below, this phone will be a sure hit and I'm going to want one. Plus, it will be another blow to Nokia's already poor hold of the mid range/price segment.

How about considering a cheaper version of the S700? The K700? It will be available soon in Malaysia for estimated price of about RM1600-1800. It has 32MB memory... non-expandable. It has a 0.3mp camera which is good enough for me actually. I have a sample of a 1 mega pixel picture developed on photo paper from a picture taken on a Nokia 7610 but it's nothing spectacular or something I really want to do on a phone. So count me out for now on the mega pixel camera chase.

That hi-res one megapixel picture taken at a Starlight Cinema event took up about 450kb of memory. Plus, the clarity isn't there. But of course, it a vast improvement and this started me thinking. What would I be using these pictures for? A good example would be a fotoblog but then what else? Am i going to develop these pictures at the shop? I don't think so. Will I show it to my friends, yea sure, but how many photos can you show your friends in a month? Won't they get tired of you and your stupid camera phone?

Fixed focus lens that is meant for taking pictures from here to infinity will not get you any clarity even if you have 5 mega pixel on the camera phone. It will never be sharp. Unless of course you choose to reduce the size or use the size advantage for zoom effects. So why waste space when you consider that what you'll ever do with the pictures you take from the phone are just for a little laugh and keeping images for memory sake

Find the right balance between your need and want is the correct formula to buying the right camera phone. You need to take pictures for fun? Then I would recommend a 0.3 mega pixel camera phone which is just nice because it won't hog up the memory and their cost is just about right. I am using an equivalent camera on my Zire71.

You can argue that technology never stands still but hey, to each his own. I don't really see a point in acquiring a mediocre feature I don't need at a price not many people want to pay.

If you want higher mega pixel, the memory has to increase to accommodate the gargantuan file sizes, then a price premium will be placed on having on the feature. Thus, the price increases. Do you need this? Ask yourself. Does it justify the price for your usage? Don't base purchase on specs on paper but need and want divided with price. If you're into the WOW factor and need to be the first to everything, then go ahead. Just remember that being the first doesn't always mean the best

So what are you waiting for? Buy a Sony Ericsson K700 NOW! Now! Now

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