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Caller Ringtones

Caller Ringtones

I noticed a lot of people coming in to HearMeBitch directed from a web search on the phrase "caller tones". So here's a bit of an insight to my experience so far


GREAT when people start their phone conversation with you with 'Hey thats a really cool sound. How come its different from the last time and how did you do it?' You can select a few songs and let them rotate at random when callers get through your phone

NOT SO GOOD when u see a long list of missed calls from ill informed people who are so five-minutes-ago and don't know that its a caller tones and hang up thinking it was a very long voicemail. I have had friends who waited for the BEEP to record their message. he he he

FANTASTIC when you have them tailored to a specific caller group that you can specify at the Maxis website so that when your office or parents call you, they hear the normal Toot toot instead of the music. Have George Michael singing "Amazing" to your good friends and some crappy heavy metal music to those not-so-good friends in hope that they will hang up as soon as possible

QUITE EXPENSIVE at RM3 monthly to subscribe to the feature. Although there is a limited choice of a little over 10 songs that is available for free, which I've taken up all the good ones into my list. A wide range of music and songs can be bought for about RM2-RM3 each. Once you buy the music, you can add them to your available songs and customize them to caller groups, if you choose to do so. There is a maximum of ten songs that you can have in your playlist, so even if you are really ready to splurge on caller tones, Maxis keeps your wallet healthy by limiting it to 10 at one time

Go here for more info

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