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The Bachelor is one of the most pathetic shows on television. Ok, the whole concept is nothing new to viewers. Boy meets girls, eliminate one by one, the end, someone gets some money and hopefully a shag

What happened last night? Let me explain. So there are only 4 girls left fighting for the guy. Each of them get to spend a very romantic and intimate night with the Bachelor. All of them acted as if they were going to say "i do" right the moment the guy says anything that begins with "will you..." And they were so attentive, so pleasant, so hopeful and they all chatted as if they were madly in love with him

The catch was that, one of them got eliminated last night. The Bachelor walked her out of the mansion and she walked towards the limousine with a sulky look on her face. As she approached the limo, she turned back and asked him why. He said they were worlds apart, so he didn't see any future together. She went into the limo and talked to the camera.. "I felt disgusted by him. I don't even want him to touch me" But DARLING, is that what you say to the man you were so longing to get down with last night? Is love really just a game people play? Can you really look for real love in a batch of 20, 30 or 40 candidates? Some people spend their whole lifetime looking for that one true love and people flock to see a show fake people find love in one show

All the other girls who didn't get eliminated had this relief shown all over their face and they simply must be in it for the money. I mean, come on, I don't think they actually went into the show thinking of getting married and having kids with this guy. They're like thinking "Gee, i just wish to famous enough and appear on PlayBoy centerspread" or "Hey, guys always wanna hook up with famous chicks, here's my chance to get famous and ditch this bachelor or whatchamacallit, then get some of that serious love." I find it sad that people watch The Bachelor on tv and it only goes to show how low can reality tv get. And mind you, its only going to get sadder

?Fear Factor anyone? Survivor

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