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bacteria, germs and vir...

My computer has been infected with a few viruses lately. The Norton AntiVirus software Aut0-Protect feature is switched off whenever I turn on the computer and the warning dialogue box from AVG (another anti-virus software) keeps buzzing with notices that says I have a threat lurking in my computer

It's sad. I tried to eliminate the threat by modifying the system registry. What viruses do is, they change your system registry and load all sorts of malicious instructions into your system. Basically, your super duper fast Pentium 4 or 5 or 6 computer is essentially just a very fast dumb computer that does as its told

It used to restart itself every 20 or 30 mins. Now the virus just hogs the internet download/upload whenever I am connected to the internet. There's this other virus that loads popups. Very disturbing indeed

I don't blame the people who wrote the "viruses", I may be a bit upset over the infection but I am largely left disappointed and utterly loathing Microsoft. They said the Sasser.B virus I had, can be cured by downloading a patch from their website if I am currently on Service Pack 1. Service packs are like a bunch of patches thats packaged into one update so that your computer stays healthy. But in Windows case, it will never be healthy, merely healthier. But that really isn't enough. I downloaded the patch, and executed it, only to find a pop-up that says, I already have Service Pack 2 which is more current than the one I am trying to install. Ok, so here I have the more recent service pack but it doesn't solve my problem does it? If you drop by the Windows Critical Update site, you will find a gazillion downloads to patch your computer. Click here for the link

Unfortunately for me and a couple of tens of thousand people out there who have put in their application for Streamyx and have to hear the excuse of "no port" all these while, I guess I'll just have to spend most of my online time gazing at the Windows Update site and wait for a critical update to pop up so I can download it, like its recommended by Microsoft

Oh, I just finished a Windows Update Scan and it didn't find anything to install on my virus laden computer. Thanks a lot. I didn't expect you guys at Microsoft to know anything about the flaws in your products and how people who know better, who write softwares labelled as "viruses" to show the millions of apathetical Windows users out there who blame these writers for writing nasty programs. Thank god not many end user/consumers buy original softwares in Asia. Because nobody should be made to pay for such a flawed product. I've never opened any emails from unknown sources nor participated in computer orgies. So no viruses could have entered except purely for the fact that a hole in the system operations allowed the virus to get in. Click here to read about how the Sasser.B virus infects

This is how terrible Windows XP really is. I've reiterated and I will say it again, buy Macs! They may not be perfect, but at least it gives you more peace of mind at this point of time from viruses and problems. I hate Microsoft, and that is no secret. With the money they have, why can't they come out with reliable products since they provide the platform for 90% of the world's computers? Is the definition of responsibility such a difficult term to understand? So what's the big deal with Bill Gates if what he does is to exploit the current monopoly with substandard products and flashy marketing that will definitely win over the consumers simply because Windows is the default name in MOST consumer's minds

Do you know the whole Sun vs Microsoft battle is caused by Microsoft's earlier agreement to license the use of Java into their products but instead "enhanced" Java to work better and mostly on Microsoft products? Java is meant to be a language accepted universally and Microsoft licensed it and hijacked it to become JVM. They have settled the dispute now. Microsoft ended up paying Sun USD$2 billion as a settlement. Of course because the brand has such a stronghold on consumer's minds and the fantastic PR that the company has, the news never became news simply because its not newsworthy. Everyone loves Microsoft, and who'd like to hear news like that, SILLY

That's the kind of blind faith and utter misled confidence people have on Microsoft is appalling. Wake up, people! Buy macs

How is a company who just thrives on becoming competitors and champions of other's original ideas someone to look up to? Of course, if I had billions of dollars to splurge on R&D, I could make a better product compared to anyone simply because I am richer. I can absorb the deficits of initial losses better than anyone. Continue to improve on what people have already set paths for and look happy as we come to a future of monopoly and of course, natural acceptance of everything Microsoft because it's the only thing to have. Not because it's the best that the developers can do. Look at PocketPCs vs PalmOS and even Sony Playstation vs Xbox. Evidence that money don't buy you brains. Why can't Microsoft open up their own product segment. Well, the tablet PC is a start but let's have more of that. Thinking that everyone has so much confidence in their products, Microsoft has decided to make mobile phone softwares as well

How brilliant, the only thing I need right now is someone writing a virus to enable someone to download my ringtones through 3G without my knowledge and load lesbian porn wallpapers into my phone screen. How about tapping into my transmission as I am having a video conference with my client through 3G? We don't even have to go that far, how about just making your "smart" phone restart itself when you try to make phone calls? It's nothing alien, in fact, with the popularity of wireless connection on mobile devices on the steep rise, contamination will be a real threat if we pave the way for companies who make flawed products to monopolize the market

Some say Mac evangelist, I say "realist"

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