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One of the proud Fiats to wear the Pininfarina badge. Most Ferrari's are designed by Pininfarina Design house. Another notable car designer is Giugiaro/Italdesign. Giugiaro designs a lot of important cars that has made a mark in the automobile history books. Such as the Lotus Esprit, Lamborghini Cala, Lexus GS300, Fiat Punto (and the cute cabriolet), Alfa Romeo 156, Alfa Romeo Brera, Maserati 3200GT, VW w12 roadster, the original VW Golf and even including Alitalia's Airbus A321 interior. Also not forgetting the 1988 Nikon F4 which was designed by Giugiaro. Proudly italian because the italians are passionate and have the language of lust written all over their designs. Actually the father of the design house claims himself to be more of an artist more than a product designer. He creates objects based on art and someone else has to work around the functionalities and pragmatic aspects of his artwork. So his son, Fabrizio Giugiaro has come along into the business with proper engineering knowledge and spearheading much of the business now. Click here for Giugiaro/italdesign

Back to the Pininfarina badge. They are all of Giugiaro and more. They've designed most of the Ferraris we've seen in this lifetime. Like the Ferrari 360 Barchetta, 550 Maranello and the Enzo Ferrari. They also have a good relationship with most italian brands such as Maserati, Fiat and Alfa Romeo. So it's not very surprising to see that the love-it or hate-it Fiat Coupe here was born in the design studios of Pininfarina, what is surprising though is that the Coupe was Chris Bangle's baby project

Cars carry this name with pride. Even if its just a Hyundai Matrix. It's like having a designer monogram written all over your car. Speaking of that, Pininfarina will sell its own car to celebrate their 75th anniversary in 2005 to a very lucky select few. To 75 very obscenely wealthy individuals actually. The engine and chassis by Lotus, exterior is designed by Pininfarina, interior plus accessories by Louis Vuitton and furnished with touches by Bang & Olufsen. The car will be called Pininfarina Enjoy. Thats a very dodgy name but hey, i'm not their target market. Louis Vuitton already designed the helmet and matching shades, special edition Bellaix composite material luggage bag, the outfit in which you'd drive the car in, recognisable LV driving shoes and the instrument layout and dials on the dash are inspired by the Tambour LV watch. Click here to know more on Pininfarina

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