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Lotus is a doted flower by the Chinese. It bears much significance in religion, even in food (what the heck is lotus paste?), customs, design and names, especially among the Chinese

Oh, as all cultures in the world, baby naming signifies a form of idealistic symbolicism. Chinese usually opt for a name that has to do with nature. For girls, Lian means graceful willow, Lien means lotus, Yang means sun, and Yuk means moon. For boys, Howin means loyal swallow, Kong means sky, Lei means thunder, and Yu and Yue mean universe. Not that I know all this, I ripped it off the internet. But yea, you generally get the idea. Even in western society, such practices exist.

If you name your daughter Grace, you'd be wanting your child to grow up with grace, beauty, and maybe even religious. If you have a baby boy, a name like Arnold would give people the perception of a healthy child. It's not just for the child, it's for his/her future as well. What happens when a possible employer looks at his future resume and first thing he reads is his name, Fruity Foo? I mean he'd be a launghing stock. Nobody would take him seriously. Don't laugh though, these weird names exist very much in Hong Kong and Taiwan

If you daughter is named Marilyn, let's face it, you probably want her to grow up a slut/disturbed or maybe he will grow up to be a satanist who sings. And look what happened to Cher's daughter? Chastity Bono? Come on, she's chaste alright. She's lesbian. Sometimes it can be ironic. So perhaps the least popular names these days are Britney(freak who just wants to be married all the time, just like J.Lo), Paris (and/or) Hilton, Marriot, Sheraton, Westin, Aguilera, Bush, Martha (and/or) Stewart and OJ

Back to the subject of lotus. It is also a sacred flower in Tibet. It is adored and worshiped by Tibet people for its purity and sanctity

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