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Oh my god.

Prices Of Cigarettes To Go Up

RM7 for a pack of Marlboro?

Oh my god. Just a few minutes ago, I was watching the Annual National Budget speech.. and the Prime Minister announced that prices of cigarettes are to go up by RM$81.00 for every 1000 sticks. @#$%&*! My calculations work that out to be RM$1.60 hike for every pack of 20s you buy. That's like Ringgit Malaysia 7!!! Why? A lot of politicians don't smoke or were the ministers knocking on wood during the speech out of hypocrisy? They should realize that poor people who are hooked on smoking will find it harder to afford cigarettes and they may resort to snatching handbags and robbery just to make ends meet. Some people starve for cigarettes. Who do the LEADERS think they are? Singapore?! Where cigarettes are SGD$9.50 a pack

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